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Stock Market Plotted in Commodities vs Dollars

“If you plot our stock market in anything except dollars... in copper, in gasoline... it peaked in 2000, its gone down 3 to 6 fold and there has been no rally at all, none. The rally you see is simply printed money.” ~Art Robinson Oregon Liberty candidate for Congress. See video: http://www.artforcongress.com/

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Funny enough, I wasn't even aware that they could do this....

I wasn't even aware that Banks could actually do this and fix interest rates using exuberantly high fees until reading Ron Paul's liberty defined.


I had no idea that was even legally allowed, it seemed against the law.
Sure enough though, this is how banks are run: And its legal.

This is not where they just change a fee or do a bait and switch, no. They can charge whatever level of interest rate fee is they choose, on any loan for any reason; and you can't do a single thing about it. The loans don't help the economy, that was lies. The loans actually go overseas to terrorists, drug kingpins and mafia warlords who are making the world 'safer' for democracy.

These loans also pay the arms manufacturers and prop up fascist Israel to do all types of psychotic crimes, paying columbian drug cartels and Islamic lunatics to bomb each other to smithereens.

This is NOT just a few isolated incidents, by any means. This is actually how the Federal Reserve runs everything, including the police departments, and we have been PAYING them to do this.

My financial adviser friend

hates it when I bring up this subject.