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Sen.John McCain hires a former Lockheed VP to work on Arms Services Committee

Bankers and the FED just type millions into their bank accounts and politicians and the well connected steal our taxdollars through outragous, unnecessary spending where lots of money goes unaccounted for. Damn...people...stop funding the crooks.

A longtime critic of the defense industry, Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) surprised many observers when he hired a former Lockheed Martin executive to help him on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Ann Elise Sauer, a one-time Lockheed vice president who previously worked for McCain years ago, now serves as the Republican staff director on the committee that oversees military spending, including lucrative deals for the defense contractor.

Sauer’s hiring received attention after she filed a financial disclosure form revealing $1.66 million Lockheed paid her for salary, bonus, deferred compensation, and retirement funds.

The Project on Government Oversight (POGO), a federal watchdog organization, was taken aback by Sauer’s hiring, given what it called McCain’s history “as a vocal critic of Lockheed Martin programs.” This included knocking the F-22 and F-35 fighter planes, built by Lockheed.


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