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Senators want to spend tax dollars to control the weather

Senators want to spend tax dollars to control the weather

Published: 11:38 PM 08/03/2012
By Michael Bastasch

If Texas Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Colorado Democratic Sen. Mark Udall have their way, rain will go away come again some other day of their choosing.

Both Hutchison and Udall have introduced unsuccessful bills in the past that would have created national boards to oversee and fund research into weather modification. That is, artificially changing or controlling the weather.

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Government is already controlling weather.

It is likely that these droughts are the result of weather modification. The National Emergency will release federal funds to save stricken farmers and buy their votes.

No a single federal dollar is spend without regard to the votes that dollar can buy.

Free includes debt-free!

They are a bit

out of touch, don't you think? The weather is and has been modified for a long time, and not for good...do your research.

thats my senator

The only tweets I get from her are wining about Obama and cheering for the Texas Rangers. She is a waste of space and I couldn't be happier she is retiring!

she is a turd-sandwich

she doesn't want to audit the fed because "she doesn't want to politicize it" but she is in favor of politicizing the weather!?!??! wtf.

The question is, who gains all the granola from weather wars??

What do they gain out of this deal on the back-end?

This being part of their little perfect "global utopia" will make me start laughing out of my chair. I can't believe they are fighting to create a board of directors that will manipulate the weather.

Man oh man, we are so lucky with these elites in charge.


Cui bono?

seed a rain cloud here.. cause a

drought over there. Then a fire, then a famine. Shucks, another land grab. As usual the farmers know it. Don't forget... 50 year flood plan was rerouted to it's original path with no little dams.. last year. This was in the midwest (attacked again), the heartland of America. Under water last year. A nuclear plant was flooded. No planes were allowed to fly over that area. This is deliberate. This is a land grab. Any farmer can tell you that.

They are trying to seize all properties and put in Agenda 21...

That is out in the open now. They are doing Agenda 21 to enforce local 'localization eco environment protection' which is all a scam.

Another one for these crooked bankers.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5VvqPGthQ8 i made a response to this subject by how they are not doing their Constitutional duty that they swore to uphold...

Albert Camus — 'The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.'