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The Msm Wouldn't Be Able To Ignore Thousands Of Ron Paul

Supports if we showed up to OBAMA AND ROMENY events amd rallies chanting out "President Paul" so loud that either Obama or Romeny can't speak and holding big signs and banners....this will be the best way to get Ron Paul more known before the convention and people will see how big the RON PAUL movement is bigger then both Obama and Romeny put together......let's do it we got a country to change and an election to win!!!! only we the people can make it happen!!! So spread the word and let's make every obama and romeny campaign stop a Ron Paul campaign stop!!!!

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Hackers / PBS

Anyone see the movie HACKERS(1995)?

They take control over the TV airwaves just long enough to expose the law enforcement corruption. It works.

How nice it would be in real life!

Can we use PBS stations to broadcast?

They're nationwide and paid for by the people.

You will have to rely on the foreign media.

If you haven't noticed yet, America is not reporting on ANY protests...except Chick filet. There was a massive protest in Japan. Not covered. One in Mexico. Not covered. One in Spain. Not covered. These were HUGE. 100,000- 500,000 and more protesting. They don't report on the big protests in D.C. They only report if it is Gay Rights or minority rights protests.


Stockholm Sweden too. They didn't report it. It was a liberty porotest against the marxist lefties.

Keepin' it real.

Yes They Can

And they do. Watch, there will be little mention of the Paul crowd in Tampa. What mention there is will be negative.

They will pick and choose what scenes they air, and will construe it to reflect badly on us all.

It is a manipulative bunch we deal with. They do not play fair. The media is one of their most powerful tools, without it, they would not be able to employ the US military for their ends as they currently do. They would not be able to have their paid for or planted politicians pass the legislation they do, they would not be able to have their puppet presidents pass executive orders as they do.

That tactic was tried...in 2008

Hundreds of Ron Paul supporters at an event...a dozen Romney supporters. The media showed all the Romney guys together, who knew how large that crowd spread..and the Ron Paul guys...the streets were lined with them, it must've took them all day to get a picture of a lone guy in the rain holding a sign...looking all alone (likely everyone but the Ron Paul supporters had gone home).

Remember the Iowa straw poll...a sea of red shirts! Roaring crowds chanting "Ron Paul..." and the result deliberate media avoidance of Ron Paul.

Thousands show up at Ron Paul events, and thousands more...and thousands more...and the Media headline is "Where is Ron Paul?" ...and the narrative is "it looks like he stopped campaigning..."

If any stray supporter or false supporter does something ignorant, we're all labelled crazies. Hey...didn't Stormfront give Ron Paul $5 in 2008? I remember the media asking Ron Paul to reject the donation for dozens of articles and interviews. Remember the headline "Prostitutes for Ron Paul"... They highlight any extreme supporter as a means of marginalizing all of us.

If thousands of Ron Paul supporters showed up at a Romney Rally chanting President Paul! Fox News would report "Thousands show up to show support, at a Mitt Romney Rally."

Uh, yes they would!

Uh, yes they would!

+1 Either that, or they would


Either that, or they would show the world that we are loud-mouthed asshole protesters.

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”