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Obama Rooting For Gary Johnson to Hurt Romney

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GJ will destroy both -- 'ObamneyFail'

Baritt Obamney.

Message for you.
People are waking up and they will not vote for the Goldman Sachs candidates.

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Funny thoughts.... If Ron

Funny thoughts.... If Ron Paul isn't on the ticket I will be voting Obama just so we have a chance at a liberty candidate in 2016... My funny thought is after 4 more of Obama the sleeping will be wide awake and ready for the Revolution....

If Obama is re-elected

there will be no elections in 2016.

The same stands true for

The same stands true for Romney... same backers... same puppet masters... So what is your plan? Vote GJ? They still win... Only thing if Romney wins and we do have elections in 2016 we won't have any use for all our new party chairs!

how can you stand on

how can you stand on principle AND vote for Obama at the same time? Romney and obama both have the same big banker donors, more war, less liberty...

No neither of them will get my vote.

Simple it is a shot at

Simple it is a shot at liberty in 2016.... A Romney win will result in the next shot being in 2020.... The way I see it the fastest way to putting liberty in the white house would be a revolution in Tampa (Paul)... If he doesn't get the votes the next best thing is 4 more of Obama.... Then a 2016 liberty candidate... (Not 4 years of romney followed by another Romney run).

The other option would be to take over the Democratic party for 2016..

Nominate Paul

problem solved.


but romney is doing a better job of hurting romney.