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Refugee from Facebook questions the social media life

Washington Post - MARFA, Tex. — Not long after Katherine Losse left her Silicon Valley career and moved to this West Texas town for its artsy vibe and crisp desert air, she decided to make friends the old-fashioned way, in person. So she went to her Facebook page and, with a series of keystrokes, shut it off.

The move carried extra import because Losse had been the social network’s 51st employee and rose to become founder Mark Zuckerberg’s personal ghostwriter. But Losse gradually soured on the revolution in human relations she witnessed from within.

The explosion of social media, she believed, left hundreds of millions of users with connections that were more plentiful but also narrower and less satisfying, with intimacy losing out to efficiency. It was time, Losse thought, for people to renegotiate their relationships with technology.

“It’s okay to feel weird about this because I feel weird about this, and I was in the center of it,” said Losse, 36, who has long, dark hair and sky-blue eyes. “We all know there is an anxiety, there’s an unease, there’s a worry that our lives are changing.”


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ironic that I have to login

ironic that I have to login with facebook to read the entire thing. But I won't, I get it.. smarter people have been saying/predicting this for years.


Stop Fighting Technology

The same statist mentality that resists spontaneous order resists technology.

Facebook didn't do this to "you" or to "us". Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

You want to interact with real people more? GO DO IT. Facebook isn't stopping you.

I Think Facebook can be Good or Bad for Different People...

Facebook can be an added benefit to those people that actively socialize with others "OFF-LINE" These are the types of people that have real friends that they hang out with in person. Facebook gives these people the ability to more easily connect with their friends, chit-chat, make plans, see pictures, videos, etc...

For those people who have no real social lives however, people that are shy, don't have many friends or are afraid of meeting new people, Facebook can become something that they hide behind to prevent themselves from feeling rejection. They'll brag about all the online friends they have, but in their own mind they truly feel alone. With these types of people, Facebook can become a burden to their lives because they use it to protect themselves from the world.

Interesting article, but why is it on the Front Page?

I don't understand how it has anything to do with Ron Paul, the R3VOLution or the Liberty Movement for that matter.

Down voting for those reasons.

Please keep the front page relevant to why we come to this site.

It's Crazy How These Social Sites Become EVERYTHING

Okay, it is one thing to see a website with social features blossom, or for downloading networks and softwares like Napster, Morpheus, Kaaza, Gnutella... blossom.

I mean it is natural for new services to become popular.

But I think that every time a new service begins, and there are competitors for the "best of" that service, such as facebook vs myspace... It is crazy that the WINNER automatically becomes some kind of monster. Google, Napster, Kaaza, Gnutella, torrents, Myspace, Facebook, Youtube... All became monsters that eventually came to be questioned morally!

This LARGESS is Akin to Big Government

So every time something new comes along, or a new service grows up, the public LATCHES ON to it. Then the public tries to sell the new service as "THE ONLY WAY" and forgets how they ever survived without that service.

Sound familiar?

Central Banks, Federal Reserve, Entitlements, Welfare, Social Security, Health Insurance, Public Schools, Bail Outs...

After the elections

I plan on dropping my Facebook account as well. Right now it serves as a social tool to get the word out about Ron Paul.

Down with FB

When FB started asking me for a 'government ID' to 'prove' who I was (for about a year they rejected my attempts to sign up using my real name) I said to hell with these spies they can go, well you know.

I hope FB falls on its face.. it's the worst piece of software next to Windows I've ever seen.. and that comes from a coder.

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I hate facebook and myspace,

I hate facebook and myspace, etc. The only reason I even have an account is because my wife insisted...if it werent for her I would delete it and good riddance...at least myspace was intuitive...facebook is frustrating because I can never find what I am looking for. I dont want to have to search around for 10 minutes just to get to a family member's webpage. In more general terms...I really dont think you can actually call those 5 thousand aquaintances on facebook friends.

Wow...important truths

in this article.

I agree wholeheartedly.

Thanks for posting...

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