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Libertarian VP Candidate: End Income Tax, War On Drugs

Jim Gray didn't mince words at Friday evening's appearance in Westlake.

Devoted Libertarians aren't enough. Not if they want Gray, the Libertarian Party's vice-presidential candidate, and running mate Gary Johnson to win the White House in November.

Gray addressed about two dozen people at Dean's Greenhouse in Westlake, the first stop on a campaign swing for him through the midwest this weekend. The serene garden setting was a contrast to the passion in his speech to the crowd.

When Gray agreed to join Johnson's campaign, he said, he did so on the condition that they campaign to win. And winning didn't mean moral victories, it meant going toe-to-toe with President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

To do that, Gray said, Johnson and Gray need to be in the debates. To be in the debates, they need to be at at least 15 percent in national polling by the end of September. Right now, Gray said, they're running at close to 6 percent.


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