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Did you know that WALMART is pushing the Federal Government to Tax purchases on Internet?

Too bad I don't have the original story about this. However, my wife and I made our stand today to NOT shop at WalMart. This results froml the fact that Walmart is working behind the scenes, right now, to get the US Federal Governement to start charging sales tax on items bought on line.

This means that every business on line must charge sales tax...it means places like Amazon.com.,on line Tire suppliers, and so many more may have to charge sales tax and in so doing just may cause their business to drop off completely.

Walmart is NOT a friend of the USA...they sell crap made in other countries that actually fall apart a lot. Walmart treats their imployess like slaves in a way...never giving them regular hours, etc.

I personally think it is time to stand up and teach these Walmart
rulers a real lesson. That is STOP shopping there...pay a few cents more at local stores and allow Walmart to DIE on the Vine like sour grapes.

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