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I'm starting to get upset at the mods and at the DailyPaul in general. Do I have a point or am I just being selfish?

I readily admit that I love the front page articles, especially the Oh Long Johnson cat one, but I must say, I do have a pretty big problem as well. How in God's green earth does a TALKING CAT get front page status when I have posted threads about state runoff and primary elections to inform people of who to vote for and when to vote for them and THEY don't get to the front page?!?!

I mean really! What exactly is the point of this site? Are the mods high?!?! Is Mr. Nystrom even aware of all the effort I've put in to try and discuss my suggestions on how to move forward with the DailyPaul after the November 6th election!?

Perhaps if I at least knew WHY, then it would be easier. Hell, I'm on this site enough that I could be a mod myself. Anyone second my nomination?

Here are the links that DIDN'T make it to the front page. Judge for yourself and let me know if I have a legitimate point or if it's me that has the problem. Thank you.







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Janice, you are one of the most productive

and one of my top favorite DP posters. I thank you again for all you do to help the r3VOLution.

I have to guess that Michael has been inundated by demands from those of us who are "staying the course" through Tampa. But I too would love to see more dialogue with him. Have you written directly to him through the DP email?

Thank you for your kind

Thank you for your kind words. Yes I have contacted him directly to no avail.

I have no doubt that Mr. Nystrom is very busy, thus why I have offered to volunteer helping out.

Not to mention

For some starnge reason they post "information" that discourage Ron Paul supporters right just before the delegate conventions.

right on sovereignjanice kudos for your hard work

I have personally found your posts extremely useful and timely, and have helped spread your messages, sharing widely.

It is also discouraging to me that articles of mine that I have posted to share with the DP community have been quickly buried.

My most recent piece: http://mcloughlinpost.com/JoeKleinTIMEMittwitRant-Senority-0...

this thread

should be on the front page!

The popularity of your thread

is not dependent upon the moderators, but the interest of the users on the DP.


A person or group of persons with ill-intensions can make a crappy thread appear "popular" - or vice versa. A troll can perpetually bump a poor-quality thread by continually adding largely meaningless comments.


I've had threads posted at

I've had threads posted at the top of the front page before anyone even gave it a +1. The mods have control. They've done it before and I and others have requested certain relevant threads to be put on the front page with no reply.


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You'd pulled together vital information

And its being disseminated was URGENT! And I just happen to stumble across your findings when I'm lucky!

So yes, I agree with you entirely!

Susie 4 Liberty

dailypaul will be gone

in a few months if the mods keep posting this useless stuff on the front page. Even if you are trying to attract more visitors to this website, that`s not the way.
I admit, the front page articles change faster now, which is a good thing, but the quality sucks! quality before quantity! please don`t destroy the dailypaul...

a concerned libertarian from germany

too much trash!

I agree. Many of the posts have a 'national enquirer" quality about them. Others are just angry rants that accomplish nothing. I found the posting/spamming of FIVE separate threads linking to the same youtube video-rant to be particularly thoughtless. Repetitive complaining does not equal honest discussion.

Some of you may not have seen the posting guidelines:


I Salute your work

I wish more people followed your activist footsteps...

but please sister in Liberty let the Johnson talking cat have its place on the front page -- that vid made my day.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

lmao! I hear ya, and I made

lmao! I hear ya, and I made the point that I really like the Oh Long Johnson cat. I'm not saying take it off, trust me on that. :)

What I would like to see

I just sent Michael a check, and I was thinking when I wrote my check, that I would like my check to have been a vote for Ron Paul on DP.

I would like to see a competition here on DP: Ron Paul, GJ, Obama, Romney, Other, where we contribute to establish what candidate gets TOP POSTS.

I'm sure Ron Paul would win and Michael would get the funds he needs to maintain DP as he would like to see it.

well if they need help

well if they need help moderating, I'll volunteer.

From talk on the DP...

I thought Tampa was the end of the Paulian Calendar, and the world was going to end.

No need to consider any liberty candidates that will be up for election in November.

Just BSing. Thanks for your work putting that stuff together.

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If you imagine your constant bleating for GJ

is winning converts, you need intense study of human relationships. How many times must people politely request waiting for your sales pitch until after Tampa before you comprehend?

It seems...

there are quite a few people that support both Ron and Gary.

Like I said the other day, there are typically as many or more anti-Johnson posts as there are pro-Johnson posts. The anti-J posts get voted up while the pro-J posts get voted down. By those results, it seems people are fine with talk of Johnson as long as it's nothing positive.

It's not my goal to sell you on Gary. However, I will take up for him because if Ron isn't around in November, he will be America's only viable option to immediately bring the libertarian philosophy to the forefront of U.S. politics.

If Johnson were to win, libertarian ideas could no longer be so easily ignored.

I will always stand up for what I think is the best way to promote liberty. I may sometimes stand alone - but I will always stand on logic and principle.

Emotion will not guide my decision making processes. It's not in my nature.

I'm not sacrificing anything in terms of my support for Ron Paul by supporting Johnson. I'm only trying to be farsighted in my pursuit of liberty.

The delegate situation is in the hands of the courts, the delegates themselves, and whatever organizing force that may guide the delegates' votes in Tampa. I wish I were part of it, but I'm not. I can only be a cheerleader and try to spread the message of liberty. I even created a post the other day - with Establishment delegates as the intended audience - to try and convince them to not vote for Romney.


What more can I do to help Ron Paul win in Tampa? I hope the delegates can be convinced, but I am skeptical on that front due to my interactions with Granger. I'm sure you probably know her. She is a Ron Paul supporter that is a delegate for Romney - if I have understood her correctly. Even she said that she was going to vote for Romney at the convention to not make any waves and jeopardize her newly gained position within the GOP.

So, if a Romney delegate that is a Paul supporter can't be convinced to vote for RP at the convention - that has read all the arguments on the DP for a person in her position to do so - then how easily will droves of Establishment delegates be convinced to do the same on the first ballot? That's why I'm skeptical about Tampa.

Everyone knows the probability of a win is very small in Tampa. Ron Paul has said as much.

What's wrong with planning ahead? It's not cheating on Ron.

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You read Granger differently than I.

I disagree with you on two levels re GJ.

First, I don't consider him a serious libertarian. that you do not understand why shows me that your own judgement is superficial.

Second, my main objection is the timing of pushing ANY candidate opposing RP and pulling support from him. The fact that you and other GJ supporters incessantly push his candidacy while the stronger and more realistic candidacy of RP is still unsettled again shows to me your superficial understanding of both peace and liberty.

Do not interpret this as an interest in discussing strategy further with you at this time. The only reason your GJ posts don't receive a lot more negativity is because most of us prefer not to engage with nominal Libertarians pushing another agenda at this critical time.

There you go assuming...

some sort of superiority.

Not even all Ron Paul's positions are straight libertarian.

I understand the arguments against Gary Johnson. I am not some nitwit. I've probably read and given considerate thought to more Classical Liberal literature than most. Where Gary may have fallen short on his reading - I have not. Besides, that's what advisers are for. No one man can have absolute knowledge of everything.

I was listening to Tom Woods earlier while I was exercising, and he brought up an applicable realism that Friedman had once put forward - None of us even have the ability to make a pencil as individuals. One would have to have knowledge about mining graphite, falling trees, transporting resources, extracting and refining the fuel to make possible transportation, harvesting and processing of the rubber tree for the eraser... ad infinitum.

There are several lessons that can be gathered from this example. First, the beautiful complexity of the free market with division of labor and the advancement of technology. Second, how enormously expensive the proposition of making a single pencil would seem to be, but to the contrary, pencils can be purchased for mere cents. Third, that even individuals that are not pure philosophical libertarians - such as Friedman - still can have insight and have a place in libertarian arguments and conversation - and can be/are respected by people such as Tom Woods.

And last but not least, none of us know everything or are perfect (which also makes it impossible to plan the economy).

Would you vote for yourself given your track record and actions during your life history? Are you the Jesus of libertarianism?

I'm not, but now that I know - since Ron Paul woke me up - I do my best.

Johnson would be thousands of times more likely to consider liberty arguments from his advisers. Likely, he would be the only nominee that may have any such advisers.

Nonetheless, in the Kony situation - the biggest strike for most people - he said he would only do so with Congressional approval. What's so unconstitutional about that? The motives can be questioned from a libertarian non-interventionist purist standpoint, but the same argument could have been made for non-intervention in the holocaust.

Personally, I disagree with military intervention in the Kony situation. However at the same time, I would like to have a President that would at least ask Congress for permission before engaging our men and women. It would be a step in the right direction.

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You missed the main point. After Tampa

I'd be open to discussing strategy alternatives, when the final playing field is decided. At this time the strongest candidate should be our focus for maximum impact.
Minor point: I listened to that podcast by Woods, and he fairly gives credit to Friedman while at the same time fairly discredits his major Keynesian weaknesses. And the pencil story was an essay by Leonard Reed: http://www.econlib.org/library/Essays/rdPncl1.html

And your last sentence goes to show...

even people who consider themselves to be well-informed and keep up with things, don't know everything.

Over the years I've always found that as I learn more and more, I realize there is an infinite amount more information that I still am unfamiliar with. May I die the moment I know everything. Until then, I'll do my best to keep learning.

I like to think in terms of probabilities...

and my intuition tells me the probability of Gary Johnson getting elected in November is higher than the probability of Ron Paul doing the same.

Let's say I put Johnson's probability of getting elected at 5% - 95% chance he won't.

I would say Ron Paul would win with an 75% probability if pitted in a two person race against Obama - still have to defeat the media. Now, I would give Paul maybe a 5% chance of winning the GOP nomination in Tampa - for the sake of argument about the same probability that Johnson has a chance to win in November with a 3 person race.

This puts the probability of Johnson winning still at 5%.

However, the probability of a Paul win is the product of the probabilities for the independent events of getting nominated and also elected. In that scenario, that would put Paul's probability of getting elected at under 4%.

Obviously, I'm not a fortune teller - and I have been generous with the probabilities - but I think given that Johnson no longer faces a contest for his nomination puts his likelihood of being elected higher than that of Ron Paul.

I can't talk myself into placing all my eggs in one basket. I hope enough people hear good things about Johnson and spread the word in time for the man to get enough support to get in the debates. We have about 5 weeks to do that.

I know some of you may despise me. I don't mind. But I'm going to fight for liberty regardless of the naysayers - as I hope Ron Paul would approve. Time is too precious for me to let emotions get in the way.

As I said, my support for Johnson in no way interferes with my support for Paul. I suppose I could sit Indian style, meditate, and focus my Chi in the direction of Tampa until the convention comes, but other than that, I'm just a cheerleader for Ron Paul at this point. I still have four bumper stickers on the back windshield of my truck, I haven't took my bracelet off for months, I still have an RP sign in my front yard, and I talk about him anytime I have the chance.

Doing all that, I still like to tell people about Johnson too, but that hasn't stopped me from supporting Paul or detracted from it in any way. More so, the very fact that Gary Johnson is running allows me to inject hope back into conversations with people when they realize the chances of Tampa are looking bleak. I can at least tell people there is another choice that will be on the ballot in November.

It's easy to talk up a two-term libertarian governor that ran as a Republican over a one-term democratic governor that ran as a Republican. Johnson is an easy sell over Obama also with his positions on domestic issues.

Johnson is viable. He has been my second choice since early in the election cycle. I will stand up for Johnson the same way I stand up for Ron Paul because both are steps in the right direction. Even if Ron Paul were to be elected, he wouldn't be able to Restore America all at once. Congress would defeat him on some issues, but Ron could set the stage for future liberty minded presidents. In that regard, I think Gary Johnson could play the same role.

It's cool, I could use a good

It's cool, I could use a good laugh ;)

Looks to me like

those running this site have given up on Paul's campaign and are anxious to phase RP and his support out of the picture. I don't understand it, but that's how it looks to me.

Breakfast at Bernanke's

And I swear, everything was going fairly well till Ron Paul had that breakfast with Ben Bernanke. It was immediately after that that everything went off the rails. Benton, Wead et al started acting strange, RP himself said and did some strange things after that. That's when Rand endorsed Willard. And many at the DP decided it was over and gave up. All the while, delegates were still slugging it out at conventions, and we were being told to donate money etc. All of these mixed messages and mixed behavior. All I can figure is that RP and other must have been threatened. Because things took a very strange turn.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.



I agree. It does seem that

I agree. It does seem that way. I was dumbfounded to find out that Michael was fading out the pic of RP to "coincide with fading out of RP's campaign." I mean really. It ain't over till it's over. It's like we got to the last 2 minutes of the game and the team packed up and went home. Who would do that??

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.