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Will you vote for Gary Johnson, if endorsed by Ron Paul?

To prepare for the election, I'm wondering our options and how we will stand together against a non-establishment candidate. If Ron Paul were to endorse Gary Johnson, will you vote for Gary Johnson? Of Ron Paul endorses Mitt Romney, will you vote for Romney?

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Let's Discuss This Again Later

After Ron Paul wins the nomination.

I will vote

for the Libertarian ticket this year IF Dr. Paul is not on the ballot. In 2008 I voted for The Constitution Party...Chuck Baldwin. But right now, Tampa is fast approaching and anything can happen!

Ron Paul 4the Long Haul


Sure would.

What a waste of a thread.

No, I will not support GJ. He does not line up with what I want for a president. MA democrat Obam-NEY running on a republican ticket is definately out of the question.

I will vote Ron Paul. If necessary, I will write him in. I am a "true conservative" who honors the Constitution.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I swear, we arnt even past

I swear, we arnt even past the convention yet. Hold your tongue until we know the outcome.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.


Uh, ... no. Ron Paul doesn't own my vote, I do, so who he endorses has little bearing on me. I have pledged my vote to Ron Paul and nobody but Paul (NOBP).

Nope, he is not

How can anyone support

How can anyone support Johnson after watching that entire video?


Paul would never endorse Gj for one reason in particular.

GJ ignores one of governments biggest mandates placed on it by the People through the founding documents.
To protect innocent life where ever it may be found.
This is one of the most important platforms of government that ALLOWS protections for liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Dr. Paul would never endorse a pro abortion/anti life candidate.

Not even if GJ would end the fed or end the empire...
Which he wouldn't.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

You are NOT Ron Paul only!

You are one who attempts to drag others down with your dis-heartening posts like this!
Change your user name to onlyGP2012 and at least be forthright!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Some talk of another run in 2016

No reason to muddy the water by endorsing yet another Keynesian drone.

Free includes debt-free!


1. Romney loses (definite possibility).

2. Dr. Paul wants to give it another try at 80 years of age. I just wonder how he would do it. Consider that the majority of us won't even live that long. Campaigning 08', 12' then 16'? Tough ask.

16' would more likely be Rand Paul with the Dr. making cameos. He's tough as nails and will definitely make it into his 90's !

Either way, Willard has to lose to make this happen.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

i think your username

sais it all

Dr. Paul is not stupid

He would never endorse Johnson.



He did endorse Chuck Baldwin and I voted for Baldwin on the Constitution Party ticket. I would vote for Gary Johnson if Ron Paul endorsed him. Otherwise I will probably write Ron Paul in.



NO to Johnson,

NO to Romney,
NO to impostor president Obama.

YES to Ron Paul!

This is our last chance

to boot Soetoro out of office with all his commie admin.
'Better make it good. NEVER vote for GJ. You will only be throwing away your vote. I dislike Romney thoroughly but if my vote for him gets to boot the commie cabal out that's in there now, then so be it. 4 years of Willard is better than 4 more years of soetoro whomever he is..
Death camps await. Poverty, hunger and civil war await. Do not f up.
Never vote for GJ and lose your last chance to get this current regime out of power. NEVER!

Rather have a Ron Paul Presidency. But I'll take what I can get if it gets rid of Barry.
A vote for GJ is a waste of a vote for a chance to get the current dictator out.

Keepin' it real.

You never throw your vote away

It's a BS comment that to vote for anyone but the major two criminals is "throwing your vote away." The real problem is you supplicants that kowtow to this phoney belief. You choose to pick between being shot or being stabbed instead of having the balls to try to escape no matter how low the odds are. Continue being sheeples you timid lemmings.

GJ is a distraction

And our choices if RP doesn't get the nom will be Willard or Barry. GJ is a wasted vote. Make it good. Or come this fall you will all be in hot water.......broke, hungry, defenseless and going to the death camps in refrigerated trains and trucks.
We collapsed in 2008 or did you forget? They are faking it that we are "doing fine". We are no better off than in 2008 and your stocks have no backing.......it is all fake.....YOU are slaves....enemedia has assisted in this fake cover-up of "we are doing okay".
Do you want Islamization of USA by Soetoro? Then do the right thing and make your vote count because it's the last one you will get if Barry soetoro remains. Listen to your ELDERS! You young folks are going down with the ship-We elders will have lived our lives if they all come and shoot the people of USA using foreign military to do it........Make it good this time. HOW ELSE CAN ANYONE GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULLS. Get Soetoro out! There is no other option........The future is upon us now!

GJ supporters are Soetoro COMMIE voters in disguise.....DON'T FOREGT IT!


Keepin' it real.


Ron Paul has NEVER and WILL NEVER endorse Gj for president.

GJ supporters could offer Ron Paul all their Gold and Silver, and Paul would still say no.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016



Voting for a winner!? Please stop and think for a moment.

Both Romney and Obama are bought and paid for by the Wall Street banks. So what is it exactly you are winning? A Corpocracy? Voting "for a winner" is exactly what the banking mob wants you to do in order to maintain control. Please!

I will definitely support the libertarian candidate IF,

Ron Paul is not in the mix. Gary could be endorsed by Donald Duck for all I care. Romney? No way in hell.

It will be independents and libertarians that will decide this election. No doubt about it.

At this moment

I am unsure. It seems to me like nominating Gary Johnson to represent the Libertarian Party is like nominating Mitt Romney to represent the Republican Party. Both show a clear lack of understanding of their party's principles, but aspire to lead under that banner. I am definitely not excited about Gary Johnson, but I absolutely do not want Romney or Obama in office. My biggest dilemma is deciding whether to support the Republican candidate, as everything that we have worked for has been within the Republican party, or abandon ship and vote third party (probably Libertarian). I get annoyed when people say "well Johnson agrees with Paul on just about everything!", because that means nothing to me. It seems to me that Johnson is good at regurgitating all of Paul's talking points, but he cannot explain them when h is put on the spot. To me, he just lacks a lot of credibility.

.... haha, as you can see, I am in a tough spot. I really am unsure what I'll do if Paul doesn't miraculously get nominated.

Out of curiosity, if Paul has 15%+ in the polls post convention (providing that we fund these polls through a reputable pollster), without any 3rd party bid announced, could we still get him invited to the National Debates?

Also, the OP is a legitimate question

why vote it down and discourage people from asking questions? That is just silly...

I trust Ron Paul so if he

I trust Ron Paul so if he endorses Gary Johnson it is very likely that I will vote for him. Voting for whoever RP endorses is almost like voting for RP in a way.

All that despite my significant disappointment in GJ and the Libertarian Party for not taking actions to officially endorse RP when it could have made all the difference in the world. Especially when 95% of libertarian party members were supporters of RP.


Gary Johnson...

told all of his supporters to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries and caucuses when he left the GOP race - exactly what you said he didn't do.

By the way, the LP itself can't endorse a candidate from a different party. You can't even be a member of two party's simultaneously by most parties' rules.

I imagine that there were many Libertarians that registered Republican for the primaries and voted for Ron Paul. They helped Ron. They did not hurt him.

Will be dissapointed

I will be disappointed if Dr. Paul endorses Romney but would not hold it against him. He is an amazing and courageous man, wish he was the norm.

I believe an endorsement will be under duress. I will not vote for Romney & definitely not Obama. Will keep pushing for change locally but disgusted with GOP in general.

Voting for Gov. Johnson in presidential election. Like the guy & agree with most positions. He did an amazing job in NM. In the least want to see him on the debate stage and also want the option to protest with my vote.

Revolutions are not about compromise. The GOP needs to be shaken to the core, not forgiven.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

It won't matter

If Ron doesn't get the nomination then I won't be voting at all. Ron is the only one that can beat Obama and that's because he has a lot of support that has taken a lot of work to build up. If and when it is clear that Ron is surely finished then all of my energy is going back to my life with my family and as far as politics is concerned all my attention is getting focused locally. A place where I've realized you can actually make a difference. The FED is a joke and so corrupt that it needs to consume itself and die. While the rest of the country locally prepares for that. Cheers and best of luck..

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"