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The Maximum We Can Hope For

I wanted to post this video I came across for two reasons. The first is more obviously connected with the liberty movement specifically Ron Paul's foreign policy regarding Israel with one of the most controversial thinkers on the subject, Norman Finkelstein. However, the deeper message I wanted to convey to the liberty community may be controversial here on this sight. Can you find the somewhat obvious analogy he makes (albeit unintentionally) to our liberty movement? I know we pride ourselves on the fact that we don't compromise.... (and there are always degrees of compromises some more dangerous than others), but take a look at what he's saying about obtaining the maximum you can hope for in the given context. He's talking about Israel, but he very well could be talking about the libertarian movement.


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Israel's clout

Israel owns more politicians in Washington, D.C. than Wall Street and the military-industrial-complex. She also controls the networks, including Fox. It is the most powerful lobby in Washington and has the deepest pockets.

Only laudatory remarks about Israel are allowed from any source. Any criticism whatsoever is immediately labeled anti-semitic and the author's career is placed in jeopardy. AIPAC and SPLC are Israel's watchdogs monitoring all of American culture for any dissent they consider to be a danger to Israel, no matter how inconsequential. Israel's secret service, Mossad, operates within the U.S. with impunity.

Ron Paul's mistake is his idea to cease all foreign aid to all countries, -including- Israel. That would put at least $3 billion in direct aid that Israel is receiving in jeopardy, not counting loan guarantees and aid from the Fed. Nobody threatens Israel's status as the fifty-first state, nobody. If he had allowed an exception for Israel in his foreign aid policy he might have gotten the nomination instead of Romney.

Ron Paul wants to bring our troops home and strengthen the home defenses. That would leave war or peace in the Middle East up to Israel and why should she sacrifice her sons when the Democrats and Republicans are so willing to sacrifice ours instead, peace would come sooner without us than with us.

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY www.fija.org IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.

Israel would probably benefit

Israel would probably benefit with the loss of foreign aid since we give their enemies 2 to 3x as much.


This Is Why Dr. Paul Doesn't Go After Things Like

Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, minimum wage.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

I agree. I noticed a big

I agree. I noticed a big change in tone from not only the campaign, but from liberty activists who realize that we have to push for what is possible. Like Ron Paul's bill to Audit the Fed got passed. But if he had gone for the ideal and put legislation in to end the fed... He would have been ignored and probably would have gotten 2 votes. But sometimes I see comments on this sight still calling something like that a sell out.... I just wanted to stress the importance of this strategy to people who still aren't convinced.