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Do we still have a shot at the nomination?

It seems as tho people have leaned away from Paul winning the nomination.

I wasn't born yet at the time that Regan won the nomination but at that time was media supporting the front runner as they are today?

I understand and support everyone's views on bringing liberty to our government and bringing back the true republican party , but I feel as the way things are starting to play out that waiting for us to get as many liberty minded people in office as possible , that its going to be too late , I feel as tho if it doesn't happen this year that it may be too late . Weather Obama or Romney wins the election our liberties will be flushed down the toilet with individual mandates and Whatever else they can come up with and in time something will need to be done but I believe that time is now or never.

Tell me what you think.

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Ron Paul definately has a shot.

MSM, ptb, general public have no bearing. It is up to the delegates, and only the delegates.

Do not let GJ or Romney posters attempt to sidetrack you, as that is their goal. We will be a presence in Tampa, and they know this to be true.

Do not waver. Stay focused.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Reagan was a democrat until

Reagan was a democrat until he was in his early 50s. He was a big supporter of Barry Goldwater's candidacy and switched over to the republican party around that time. When Reagan ran in 1976 the Republican Party was against him the same way they have been against Ron Paul. In fact, in 1980 Reagan was endorsed by just a few members of Congress (I think it was 4). Ron Paul was one of those few who endorsed Reagan when hardly any other members of Congress did.

Considering all that & the GOP's early treatment of Reagan, it's surprising in a way how Reagan is probably the GOP's most revered President.

Just as Reagan has had a very significant impact on the direction of our nation, I sincerely believe that Ron Paul will have an even greater impact - whether he becomes POTUS or not.

Ron Paul has changed me forever. I'm certain that I am not the only one and together all of us will continue carrying the torch of liberty until liberty prevails in this nation.


Regan, "The most Revered President of all Republican Presidents"

yet the main stream media has ignored someone who is 10 times better. I just don't get it but I am with you as far as being changed forever. I do not have any trust with the leaders of this country anymore after seeing the cheating and fraud that took place during the primaries. I will not even turn on any political news as I can't believe any of it. I am so proud of Ron Paul and it is no wonder it has taken 16 years to wake up the percentage of America needed to change what is now obvious. It is truly amazing what he has accomplished in such a short time when you realize what he has been up against. I personally hope to be elected as a precinct delegate here in MI and will too carry the torch of liberty for as long as I am physically able and sound.


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These were my apathetic years - hated Johnson with a passion, still do - Nixon was rotton to the core - Carter was enept.

When Reagan ran, all I had to do was look at California (they were as broke then as they are now) and I wanted nothing to do with Reaganomics - - however, I didn''t like anybody else either. We had already had a peanut farmer for president, and I hoped an actor might at least act like a president, and he did.

I will say Reagan let the interest rates rise to 15% and my retiring parents made a bundle on their savings, which made him ok with me, although, I still didn't vote for anybody during his second run.

See how you feel about Reagan after

you research what he did to the protesters at Berkeley. What First Amendment? See how you feel about Reagan when you research how the hostages were released from Iran, so conveniently as he took office. See how you feel about Ronnie after you research Star Wars - the anti-ballistic missile program, not the movie. See how you feel about Reagan after you research Oliver North & the arms for Contras. See how you feel about Reagan when you talk to people who knew him personally in his second term & knew the guy was looney-tunes due to alzheimers. He still was re-elected.

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Inattention at the time

I have no anamosity or "like" for Reagan - wasn't paying much attention.

I did have an Iranian friend in college who became very frightened when Reagan was elected and since the hostages were released on inaguration day, the Iranians at home must have been frightened also.

As for Ollie North, he was being a good soldier to his commander in chief, just as Colin Powell was, when he went to the UN and lied for George W. - this is their training from the military, follow orders.

Reagan helped my parents and they weren't lobbists, or republicans; they were just ordinary hard working citizens - not the welfare or food stamp people. Can't see that anyone has done anything since Reagan. Most everything amounts to highway robbery.

No talking about what he did during his presidency

I'm talking about how he won't and his strategy similar to Dr.Pauls when it comes to delegates

For as long as you have the will and ability

it is possible. So long as we fight on and are proactive we can do anything.

Ron Paul 2016

Hardball convention

The only way that Dr. Paul will get the nomination is if the Mr. Nice Guy
attitude is dropped and his delegates become "difficult" at the convention and continue the local delegate battles.

Romney has brought in Sununu and Sununu is a real SOB who plays by his own set of rules. He's vicious. John Sununu, will chair the Committee on Rules and Order of Business at the Republican National Convention. Maybe the Paulites should split the convention by walking out and name Ron Paul as the Republican candidate.

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY www.fija.org IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.

Positive Signs

I think the fact that the Ron Paul campaign (supporters) is fighting the state delegate battles shows there's some big significance in doing so.

Also, the Romney Campaign fighting so incredibly hard against them shows they have something to fear. What exactly that is, I can't say, but if it wasn't important they wouldn't be fighting. It's important.

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