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Corbett Report 8/4/12: The End of Anonymous on the Internet

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That last caller. Imagine if

That last caller.

Imagine if he just woke up, and realized what happened or for some reason he has some real data. I don't think he was treated well, but how can you treat someone like that? I'm sure it happens a lot, but it's fake.

I have my specific beliefs about that issue, and my first thought was "this guy is a fake." We wonder why no one comes forward.


I totally agree

To cut him off like that was blatantly dismissive. The best part is - after a whole show dedicated to how insecure the internet is - when Corbett is asked how can I get this (possibly crucial and extremely sensitive) evidence to you, he suggests he posts it to his website.

Good grief, really?

Ok, this could just be some nut, a fake or even turn out to be nothing more than hot air, but what if it's not?

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Corbett has been into 9/11 for greater than 5 years.

7April 2012 9/11 Transparency:


If there is anything to that last caller's information about 9/11, Corbett will put that info out there fast. I think that guy was legit, but what he thinks maybe important may not be.

James Corbett

is an ally and good friend in the War for Truth.

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.


Should check out James' stuff.

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

we need a sentient program

we need a sentient program simulator for all rogue government agencies...

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Yes Morpheus. Where is our Agent Smith in this Matrix?

Great comment, especially with your handle!

lol i don't know, we have to

lol i don't know, we have to find Neo.