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How could you ? Call me crazy

How could you?

How could you, send men and women to fight a “war” in which they don’t support
How could you, support a man who has never served in the military, and doesn’t know what its like to shed the blood of those fighting to preserver their lives.
Look at the “WAR’s” we are fighting, are they declared? The answer is NO.
You live in a country where your lifestyle, and freedoms are under constant attack by those you elected, because they were head of their party. HOW COULD YOU?
Look at the world around you, a world of hate and anger. A world of violence, even in our own country race is still an issue. Do you want your kids or grandchildren to really grow up in a world like this Let alone a country that is split between two political parties that cant seem to agree on anything? Yet if you look beyond what the media is telling you, your eyes will be amazed by what you see. They are the same.

A time is coming, soon and fast, on both sides of the fence eyes are opening and realizing that those in power only want more power. Yet the word of liberty and freedom is spreading faster then the wildfire that plagues our nation.

How could you support those in power, to continue to dig us into a deeper hole of debt one that our grandchildren’s children will be crying to get out of? Its time to realize that we need money that has a solid backing and not one that is printed out of thin air. One that continues to diminish in value, and continues to put us into the debt of which we allow other countries to buy out, and put us in the mercy of their hands. Its time to re awaken the American Dream and its time to bring those jobs we continue to bring across seas because its cheaper and bring it back home to where at a point in time America built products that were built to last. Not put those jobs in the hands of Foreigners that build things that are built to break.

Call me crazy but I believe we don’t need to be in conflict with other countries that don’t pose a threat to our national security

Call me crazy but I don’t believe that the government should have the right to tell me what I can and cant do in my own house, on my own property.

Call me crazy but shouldn’t a man who has studied constitutional law; know what the constitution stands for? Shouldn’t a man who took an oath to defend the constitution be held accountable for defying that oath?

I love my country for which it stands, but I do not trust my government. The Constitution needs to be the RULE of law, and not be picked apart and changed by those in power.

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A good statement more Americans need to read


My thought