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HELP! Engaged in battle of ideas on REDDIT, need backup!

I put the following post on Reddit, trying to engage the mostly liberal minded folks there. These are the folks we will need to win over once we are taking on Obama! I can be a little confrontational when faced with mindless stupidity, so help me convince these folks!

Why all you liberals would like Ron Paul better than Obama:


Let's change some minds.

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don't waste your time

Arguing with a fake liberal is like arguing with a middle-aged woman to whom the WAGOP chair is personally making telephone calls full of flattery and fear-mongering; both fail to grasp the concept of tax farming, nor do they realize that we live in a neo-feudal society.

This is a noble cause!

I have been adding my 2 cents in, but that is a viper's nest if I have ever seen one. One thing is for sure, once we have opened their eyes, they will never be able to go back!

Added some sarcastic

Added some sarcastic knowledge to the comments.. it's the only way to make the majority of redditors think outside of their group mentality.

"One man with courage is a majority." ~ Andrew Jackson


What a den of hypocrisy and cowardice.

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.


That was a good read!

At first I was going to say "/r/politics? See there's your problem right there" but then I read the excellent comments and relatively good upvotes all around. Sure there were a few detractors but especially good dialogue especially for /r/politics. Looks like the EPS trolls didn't even get wind of it. For instance if if was on /r/ronpaul I bet the usual EPS trolls would have bombarded the discussion to hell. Then again, maybe it was also because it was on a Saturday and the EPS people actually are getting paid in a 9 to 5 capacity.

Bogus Jefferson Quote

The commonly used Jefferson quote you cited is bogus:

"If the American people ever allow the banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property, until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers occupied."

Gary North showed how it is fake in his take-down of big government left-wing Greenbacker Ellen Brown:


Contrary to what big government Greenbackers believe, there is nothing wrong with having a free-market in banking. Those who call falsely call the Federal Reserve a completely private bank (even though it was created by an act of Congress and its own website - http://www.federalreserve.gov/ - ends in .gov) do so in order to falsely slander the free-market so they can increase government control over banking.

"I hate government as much as government hates freedom, and that's a lot." - Mike Malin

Check out my PowerPoint: http://www.slideshare.net/anarcholibertarian/why-do-they-hat...

And my Ron Paul vs. Lincoln video:


Might be easier after the collapse...

to reason with people. But even then, many will say lack of government or action by the Fed was the problem, not the opposite.

I see people as being addicted to, or worshipping government. It is their savior, and their source of comfort. When you suggest taking away a drunk's last bottle, they react like a wild dog cornered in an alley.

Of course, they don't make sense.

The other thing I notice is people join a group and cling to it for survival. So they identify themselves as Republicans, or my family is mormon, or whatever, and defend their group or tribe as a matter of survival. Ironically, most mormons support Romney even though he doesn't support their belief in the Constitution, just because he belongs to their group. Promote your group above all else!

As Santorum said, be a team player!

My first piece of advice is

My first piece of advice is paragraphs. But I'll brb and add more when im done reading


Further to my comment below

Further to my comment below in this thread here:

I want to point out this post on reddit made by a member of the anti-paul clique on their subreddit:

What the OP of that post is linking to is a screenshot of a search they made on r/politics for the term 'Ron Paul' sorted by new.

I imagine a lot of them do this often throughout the day so they can troll and downvote posts regarding Ron Paul.

It shows your post among the search results which has "28 new" written next to it. This means that there are 28 new posts in that thread since the OP last checked it. The OP is wondering then how could a day old post have 28 new comments and people are guessing that it is from outside influence. Pretty soon they will link to this thread on DP and point out all the zero day accounts in the thread.

I saw Dr. Paul once asked

I saw Dr. Paul once asked what is his top recommended book to read and he said outside of the Bible, he said Frederic Bastiat's "The Law". I got that book. It's a simple, humble little thing. But it does a LOT of explaining about what justice and the law are supposed to do and he talks quite a bit about socialists. The one thing I remember most out of that book on socialists was that they ignore facts and do not reason. It's not exactly the same wording but I got the gist of it. Everytime I see a far left liberal on Facebook, I'm often tempted to reason with them. Why how in the world could they ignore facts? But they do. There are some who might listen but the extreme lefters, I don't even bother. When one engages me in an argument, I generally ignore them. You can't reason with unreasonable people.

I can't post on redit

and don't really want to.

But, you might ask LRonPaul2012 just who he would consider to be the equivalent of Thomas Jefferson.
Since he says no one named is the equal of TJ, he MUST have someone in mind. Who is the equivalent of TJ that supports HIS candidate?

Like others said here, reading some of those idiotic comments gets my blood to boiling and I loose my temper and control, so it's better for me to not reply!

Whenever a lefty asks why I support Ron Paul...

I tell them it's because I'm anti-war. It really bugs them when I show how Obama is actually a warmonger.

First they ignore you
Then they ridicule you
Then they fight you
Then you win

Why try

and reason with marxists? This is what they want. Marxism.

Keepin' it real.

My reasoning

To get an opposing view next to theirs.

Then someone bored enough to read through the comments of these losers can see something that makes sense as opposed to their BS alone.

throw this bone their way

Reddit is a very liberal

Reddit is a very liberal community. They support obamacare, gay rights, more taxes on the rich, equality for all, etc. pointing a figure at them is going to have them coming back at you in mass. I think the best way to communicate the message with them is to engage in an educational tone, present the facts and explain them clearly. You have to show a connection between what they believe and what Ron Paul believes. Presenting them with a few sound bites won't do it. The reason people don't understand dr. Paul is because they don't understand his message comes as a package, and at the very base is SELF OWNERSHIP AND RESPONDIBILITY. You can't just pick and choose certain parts of his message, which is exactly how they are counter arguing you. If you can get them to understand the core of his message then maybe you can link it to their beliefs. As it is now they think the govt should provide equality for all but they fail to understand how it takes their liberty away and limits their choices.

in shorter words, it comes

in shorter words, it comes down to what you believe the role of govt ought to be.

Just Tell them

To watch this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWDJEc92d38


Reddit Community IS Clueless...

I've submitted a few RP articles/links...and all the comments are like what you saw today! Maybe we need to hang out there more...and educate the masses! They're NUTS!

Thank you for your well-written post!

You have also done a great job remaining calm and lucid with your retorts. These people appear to be highly clueless. Keep engaging them! You have all the right answers. :)

The thread is a day old

Nobody on r/politics is going to see the thrread at this stage apart from those already in the thread who are replied to. An anti-paul clique patrol the new queue on r/politics and downvote all new Paul related posts. I see some of them commenting in the thread. They like to troll Paul and libertarian related subreddits too. They are a new phenomenon to reddit since it became popular. A subreddit devoted to documenting what they do can be seen at:
(The libs stands for libertarians)

Four years ago Ron Paul had huge support on reddit but here on the DP you might not have noticed because reddit was not as well known. It is not only liberals that comment there. There are independents and libertarian minded people too among others. In fact you could call these people reddit's base because often programmers and people in IT lean libertarian and these were reddit's first users.

But as reddit as become more popular, the mainstream as sunk it. Many older members have left or just avoid the large default subreddits like r/politics altogether. until this election ends r/politics will be just a daily dose of the latest Democrat talking points memo. There is not point going there.

You can find supporters of Ron Paul on non default subreddits like r/ronpaul, r/paul r/libertarian and others.

All that said, if you are not an existing member of reddit, I would advise staying away. You don't engage with r/politics by saying things like 'all you liberals' etc. You come off as cocky.

You need to use paragraphs too - you need a space between blocks of text in reddit syntax (press enter twice) or two spaces at the end of paragraph for a smaller break (press spacebar twice). Also r/ronpaul as someone suggested to you isn't an 'entire Ron Paul thread'. It's a subreddit. All these things show you are not a natural reddit subscriber so people are just going to ignore you.

They also don't like to think they are being gamed by links to threads posted on outside websites asking for back-up, not that other more clandestine groups aren't already doing it.

scawarren's picture

Well I hope I helped :)

Well I hope I helped :)

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain
Real patriotism is a willingness to challenge the government when it's wrong. - Ron Paul

take a look at this


I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

Your responses are great! And

Your responses are great! And you had alot of patience!

Wow, it got my blood boiling just reading those people's comments, they're so far out there :( Suppose they prefer worshiping their government god, it knows best about the environment and education and everything so their lazy brains don't have to strain over it, all the government has to tell them is that it's got everything figured out (bet the Native Americans would disagree though, they're among the poorest in our nation yet no one on the liberal side really talks about that. They seem to think the people who don't have Obama phones are the 'poor' and deserving ones).

It makes me wonder how I ever managed to discover Ron Paul and leave my stupor. I think it happened when I was really cynical and felt humble enough to acknowledge that perhaps I was wrong in my previous thinking. These people seem incredibly full of arrogance, it's hard to get around arrogance..it's like people need to get broken in one way or another by having their previous preconceptions shattered by their political party of choice.

Oh, I think it was

Oh, I think it was documentaries like 'Food Inc' that helped me see how rampant the corruption in government ran. When the documentary pointed out how board members of Monsanto also worked in government at one point or another I was like wow...Suppose you can mention the Goldman Sachs connection? And mention how Dr. Paul would truly end corporate cronyism, so it's no wonder the corporate 'news' tries to silence him? And how he offered free care to poor patients in his care, would free non-violent drug offenders, gets attacked on both the Dem and Repub front (which shows people just don't get it, otherwise how can that be possible) etc.

The story of Dr. Burzynski and his cancer discoveries, and how the FDA pushed back was interesting too. Those are both on Netflix, and youtube.

The Corporate/Government tie is.......

a great example to use because it seems that most lefties hate corporations and love big gov. when they see how closely they are tied, i.e. nearly one in the same, you can watch them go into denial - as the weight of truth presses against their head.....

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm- What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks
Strike The Root: There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.

Another thing that came to

Another thing that came to mind that may present a good question to Obama supporters is: if Obama is so 'pro average citizen', why hasn't he volunteered to cut his salary to $40,000 (that of the average American worker) to stand with us like Ron Paul has volunteered to do? Who has EVER volunteered to do that, it's mindboggling.

Also, the youtube videos of Ron Paul's predictions are also amazing, I like to post those on facebook fairly regularly because they're hard to ignore...why wasn't Barney Frank smart enough to predict the housing bubble especially since he was working on the financial committee (or some such role), yet Ron Paul was able to predict it years prior? Just amazing.

And while you're there

For some laughs, check out http://reddit.com/r/ronpaulmeme

Join the social network that pays you https://www.tsu.co/tylercox


Those are great, thanks for that. Memes might be the only way to communicate with these people...