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A small victory for liberty, LOL

Hello Freedom Fighters,

Today my wife and I had to switch cars, since her car has 2 child car seats [mine only has one]and I was home with our baby and 4 year old.

She is a real estate agent and had to show a couple some houses today.

My car proudly boasts 3 Ron Paul bumper stickers, hers-none.

She came home today in a bad mood, (perhaps due to the 110 degrees in Phx) telling me my next car won't have any RP/Liberty bumper stickers, and she has to be apolitical for her clients,blah blah blah.

I then (in my passive aggressive way) started quoting the Constitution, freedom of speech, and how I will stand up to facism, etc.

She capitulated.

My next car WILL have RP stickers.

Liberty 1. Facism 0

Cheers, TimB