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Ron Paul Supporters Fight for Control of Oregon Delegation

[ O r e g o n L i v e ] - Texas Rep. Ron Paul won less than 13 percent of the vote in Oregon's Republican presidential primary, but his supporters now make up at least half of the state's delegation to the national convention in Tampa later this month.

The Paul forces are also mounting official credentials challenges with the national GOP aimed at giving them full control of the delegation.

Supporters of the libertarian-minded presidential candidate face an uphill battle in their credentials fights in Oregon and three other states -- Massachusetts, Louisiana and Maine -- where they tangled with party regulars over the process of selecting delegates.

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10 alternate delegates filed

10 alternate delegates filed official credentials challenges with the RNC last week on their own behalf, claiming ultra vires conduct by the ORP executive board. Another contest was filed by the R.P. campaign on behalf of all the alternate delegates. I personally did pro-bono paralegal work on the individual contest filing brief, and also assisted the R.P. campaign with obtaining affidavits from the alternate delegates.

Now the Oregon Republican Party is spending party money paying for lawyers for free for the contested delegates. They had to file their response to contest today. So, we will see what they have to say.

http://www.ordelegates2012.org/ will have a press release including the full filings soon, or else I'll make my own site for it.

fight on

This is why it is important to contest the alternates:
"the delegates and alternates jointly vote on who will chair the delegation and on who will serve on the various convention committees"

"He's trying to protect the integrity of how Oregonians voted, which is not for Ron Paul, " **He is wrong about this because Oregonians DID vote for Ron Paul because they directly voted for their own PCPs who were Ron Paul supporters. That is how it works. PCPs then voted for Ron Paul. Thus Oregon voted for Ron Paul.

The problem I envision is that if the person who chairs the delegation isn't a RP supporter, then how does the state delegation nominate RP even if they have a plurality?? So alternates may be the key here.

It would be great to have an update from

Oregon delegates!




"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

I heard

I heard that a dead guy voted for fourteen years in a row in oregon.

In My Opinion, The Oregon RNC Is Worried !

I got a call yesterday from our republican congressman in Oregon district 2.
I'm so upset about the primaries that ,I hung up on him before he finished what he was saying, and oh yes I'm an elected Oregon PCP !

Why am I upset?

Because I think the write in "Primary election" was rigged, of course I can't prove it.

Excerpt from Mr. Alley from article: "Alley said he's still not sure what the Paul forces hope to accomplish in Tampa.

"That's where you wonder, why would anybody want to do this?" he said, referring to the credentials challenges, "especially when the outcome is predetermined" that Romney will be nominated. {End excerpt }

Yes, Mr. Alley "THE OUTCOME IS PREDETERMINED" when every county in Oregon voted + or - 4% in a 70% Romney to 12% Ron Paul ratio.
Also these approximately same 70% - 12% ratio's in every county in Nebraska, Texas, and California. ? ? ? ?

Here is a copy of an e-mail I sent to a programmer friend, the day after the primary votes for President were counted, in my county in Oregon:

Here is a County by County Oregon vote, for May 15, 2012:


What I saw at the Jackson County Clerks office the night of May 15, 2012, were 2 large machines that were scanning votes, and tabulating votes at a very high speed to a type of copying machine. These machines were getting paper jams pretty often.
I also saw a lady put a disc into these machines at break time.
After the disk was inserted a long rapid print out was observed from different copying machines.

What I'd like to know Kevin, is could these machines be pre programmed to give, say about 72% to Mr. Romney and about 12.5% to Ron Paul????

The reason I suspect something is wrong is, if you check the link above, the counties in Oregon were within + plus or - minus 4% of each other through out Oregon, which seems odd to me because many of the other states recorded different winners in different counties of the same state.
""""Also, I've never seen a Romney bumper sticker, or yard sign in the last 8 months, in Oregon, while seeing lots of Ron Paul bumper stickers, yard signs, and many thumbs up from passing cars, as we sign waved in public venues, weekly for the last year in 2 Oregon counties."""""

Kevin said yes in response to my e-mail, and referred me to:
Black box voting:



I think it was rigged too

He got less votes in Tillamook County this year than in '08. I know there were more candidates on the ballot, but I just don't buy it. Once someone discovers Dr Paul there is no other, so it just isn't possible he got less than '08 when we pulled nearly 18%. There were so many more, and more motivated people campaigning for him this time.

For the record, our vote counting machine is a big old clunky thing that gets programmed a few weeks before the primary.

Looks like another plurality to me!


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Does anyone know if there is

Does anyone know if there is a court date? How are they fighting this in Oregon?

Oregonians for Ron Paul

I'm from Oregon, and I absolutely could not believe the final vote tally after the primary. We do mail in our ballots, though, so who really knows what happens to your vote after you send it off. I sincerely hope we win these battles.