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RPF Repost: Help A Ron Paul National Delegate On Rules Committee Get To Tampa

I am a 24-year-old national delegate from Iowa and a member of the Rules Committee trying to get to Tampa.

But with tuition payments, I can only afford to pay about a third of the costs. So I would greatly appreciate your help.

Please donate what you can afford to help make my trip to Tampa possible.



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Delegate Chip-ins

Please see Daily Paul Chip-ins here:

Please help them directly since time is short and they haven't heard from the campaign.

Thank you.

The campaign didn't even have all 8 of us in their database


I mean I know Rhode Island is small. But we have been working extremely hard. We have RULES, PLATFORM, AND ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE Ron Paul delegates! and they were surprised to hear this. They didn't even have all of us in their database when I finally got a hold of someone.

AND I'm still not sure that I got a VIP pass to Ron Paul's Sunday event OR how to actually apply for financial aid. They weren't recognizing my email. Two people got back to me though. I will try it again tomorrow.

Meanwhile YOU COULD DONATE TO US! http://rhodeislandronpauldelegates.chipin.com/mypages/view/i...

That total is for ALL EIGHT OF US. The money goes ONLY TO THE RI RON PAUL DELEGATES AND ALTERNATES. We will split it equally - and count the PLATFORM GUY as two people while dividing the money because he will be there twice as long (Platform is a full week before the RNC)

thank you in advance!!

Campaign Notice

Thank you for the notice.

You are not the first I've heard from saying delegates are not being helped by the campaign. (Nor the second, nor third.)

Sorry to hear that. :(

I've updated your link here:

Please check there for more assistance; and please keep me posted.

Thank you to all the delegates.

The campaign is taking donations to get delegates to Tampa.

You should contact them. (C4L) I donated there for the delegates.

~Your perception becomes your reality~

I am also part of the delegation from Iowa

with Ani, and much in the same situation (with college tuition, etc.). Anyone willing and able to help out, would be much appreciated!

Thanks much,
Lexy Nuzum
Iowa Delegation



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Only $25

confirmation 0WC89141RG990434T for your records. Hopefully others will get on board!

Thank you so much!!

We thought the campaign would be helping out, but we are now being informed it might not be very significant, so any modest donation helps! Thanks again!!!


I tried to help a little.

I know my excuses sound like "First World Problems" but I am feeling overwhelmed. I wish I could do more for ALL of you. We have SO many young people who are going from Iowa alone (students, married with toddlers, etc,) who can't afford this trip but committed themselves on faith.
Good luck and God bless you all!

The Virtual Conspiracy

You have done plenty!! BOTH you and Mrs. Spacehabitats!!

Thanks so much again! I think everyone is a bit overwhelmed. We have great people on our team, and I can't wait to make a stand in FL!


Ron Paul's campaign wants his

Ron Paul's campaign wants his delegates to touch base with them. It is on his website. I also thought I heard a video that the campaign was trying to help get Paul's delegates to convention. Please check out ASAP!!!!


I also need help.

Because the Platform Cmte has its reception on Sunday night, and meets on Mon & Tues, I've had to fly in on a weekend, when flights are more expensive. I have to be in Tampa from Sun, the 19th, to Fri, the 31st, and it's all become very expensive. I own my own floundering business, so it's not even like I have vacation time to take. The almost two weeks I'm gone, are two weeks I don't get paid.

If anyone would care to help me, I'd be most grateful. I have asked for donations from MAJOR companies in NV & gotten only $250 so far. I have sent queries to magazines with websites to do blogging & articles for them & gotten NO response. It's been a pretty dreary, time-consuming task trying to get donations. I hate to ask the faithful for financial help, but I've come up empty-handed everywhere else.

Thank you for any assistance,
Cynthia Kennedy

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For your records:

Confirmation number: 6FU82215JU9108106

Best wishes for you, we appreciate all your liberty efforts!

$20 comin at ya.

$20 comin at ya.

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Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."

Here's another delegate who needs help.


I met James when he drove from Virginia to New Hampshire to support the Paul campaign during the Primary. (I had driven up from Maryland)

Then he and I worked together on canvassing in Virginia for their primary. He is active with the Virginia Liberty Project, and other Liberty groups in the area.

During the Virginia primary, James paid several thousand dollars out of pocket to get copies of the Paul vs Romney comparison sheets printed off for us to distribute.

The problem is, as a delegate, he is expected to travel and stay with the establishment delegates from Virginia. So rather than getting the cheap lodging that we would get, he has to fork over 2 grand in total for his trip.

Considering how much work we put into getting Paul delegates elected, it would be insane to drop the ball now and not make sure they get to Tampa.

Freedom Wins!


Please consider helping out Rhode Island delegates and alternates get to Tampa. We have a Ron Paul delegate on the:



I see you have an overage

I hope you can help someone else get there as well. I was in hopes we could all do an international money bomb to help all our delegates get to Tampa. I unfortunately do not have the no how. I would be happy to contribute and the time is running short.

Where do you see an overage?

The chip-in link shows an "underage."

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Apparently the chip-in is not updated

till the money is actually transferred to the account. Monday?

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Glad you have no worries. I

Glad you have no worries. I put up a chip in and got under $200. I begged for money here, and it was just not given. Then some lady just gave me $500. If not for her, I would have not had the money to go, as I, too needed about $1400. Still don't have enough to be really comfortable about it all, but I was a bit downhearted that I had spent so much effort (and money for perpetual fees) to become an alternate having just moved to a new town, and I got very little support. One patriotic lady made it happen, and four others helped as they could. That is it, so..just saying.

different days...

Crickett , it happened to be my payday yesterday... dont jump to conclusions, Did you get the money you needed? if not then do anotehr chipin, i got $20 waiting for it or give me your paypal and a way to verify you.

lol as always

Paulbots exceed chipin goal.

bwahahahaha i luv it


$20 in. Good luck!!


Not much but I got you over the $300 threshold.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


I've been directing folks to www.ronpauldelegates. where there are numberous chip-ins, many have already been filled. If you are not listed there, you may want to do that.

GOOD LUCK!! Thank you for your hard work and doing what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do!

Delegate Chip-in Address

Thanks for posting.

That link doesn't work. :(

Can you please correct it?


Here you go


you will see the chip in half way down the page.

Congratulations, GOOD LUCK, May God Bless you abundantly!