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Is anyone else getting censored on REDDIT?

I don't post stories on reddit often because I hate its user, but I've had some strange experiences lately with a few links I've submitted. A few months back I posted a story that had something to do with Bilderberg (it was a submission from an actual news site and not a conspiracy site) and it was taken down by the moderators after about 5 minutes with an automated message sent to me. Today, I posted another story (see below) concerning some botched police raids where a two-year old toddler was actually kicked in the head. Even though this story came from a real newspaper that published the story last night, it immediately received down votes and negative comments. "This is old news, why are you posting" type comments even though the story was published in the Star Tribune last night. Then I received an automated message from reddit moderators saying the submission had been removed. Anyone else having similar experiences?

Here's the story I submitted:
Payouts reveal brutal, rogue Metro Gang Strike Force


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