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Hannity gets schooled on foreign policy.

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Hannity attempts to back

up his points with a shallow interpretation of certain historical events and Hannon takes those same events in history, clarifies them with detailed facts, thereby placing those events in their correct historical context. He then uses those same events to back up his own points with his skillful use of the English language.

I honestly believe

that Shamnity did not comprehend a single word he heard.

Sean is just not a very bright guy....hey, it's in the genes. You are what you is. It is, a sad reality that many people are dummer than a football bat.

My heart literally bleeds for stoopid people...sometimes.

Sean is a Fred Flintstone throwback and is simply a blockead. Whata ya gonna do eh?

haha, thanks for the football bat reference!!

but I disagree with you. Hannity is smart and is masterful at what he does. Hannity is a very skilled propagandist. There is the quote by hitler that goes 'make the lie big, tell it often, and eventually they will believe you'. Hannities repeats these falsehoods over and over and over, and it drills it into the heads of his listeners. They are like brainwashed zombies.

Often times I think we don't give these people enough credit, like GWB being dumb... These people aren't dumb, they are wrong, but they aren't trying to be right, they are trying to control you.. and when that is your goal, truth isn't a consideration.

State Run Media prostitute = Sean Hannity

Government Cheerleader! 1-D thinker. War monger.

Not a surprise.

Hannity schools himself every time he opens his mouth, so it shouldn't be too hard for anyone with a functioning brain cell in their head to expose his complete lack of knowledge on any subject.

I don't play, I commission the league.

Hannan totally owned that interview

and ran circles around Hannity's islamophobic lame attempts....Sean didn't know what even happened, lol.
Daniel is razor sharp....brilliant.

RP R3VOLution

The lack of a substantive

The lack of a substantive response from Hannity indicates he was completely oblivious to what was being said.

Sean has the IQ...

... of a pot plant. Clueless... an indictment on our society that people like Hanity, beck and O'Reilly have an audience.

Plano TX

reedr3v's picture

I'm guessing you meant "potted plant"

sine a pot plant is a very beneficial herb

Sean 'America is the bestest most freest Country God ever

gave man on the face of this planet' Hannity is not so keen on actual freedom.

That clip is classic.

The way that Daniel uses the opening "I agree", is hilarious. Everytime, he means that exact opposite, because 3 seconds after he says "I agree", he's already detailing why Hannity is wrong. Again.

We do a similar thing here in the South/Southwest. Somebody who is expressing a very stupid opinion, we'll smile big and respond "bless your heart".


Hannity is an idiot. Only the

Hannity is an idiot. Only the intellectually challenged can listen and believe anything he says.