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Obama Will Win, And It's Ron Paul's Fault!


Yes, there is profanity in this video! Sorry, I was REALLY ticked off.


And here is my channel, if you agree with the sentiments in this video:


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Plenty of profanity, but he

Plenty of profanity, but he is right, dead on right. And funny.

If Ron Paul gets the nomination??

If Ron Paul gets the nomination?? I want to see this guy as VP. Awesome!!!


that was totally awesome and all truth i rather enjoyed it, thanks for posting.

ps. i hope you don't take offense to this, but was anyone else seeing a younger real life version of Hank Hill?

I sell Ron Paul...

...and Ron Paul accessories!

“Never think of pain or danger or enemies a moment longer than is necessary to fight them.”

This guy needs an agent

He's funny, Truth is funny... Seriously, I'm LOL (should be crying)

I hate the tee shirt, but love the rant!

Loved the video!!! Thanks!

Loved the video!!! Thanks!


You sure said it just like it is...EXACTLY!!! Love it! I sent it to others! BTW...sometimes the profanity gets some people to really pay attention. Your message carried nothing but the pure truth and you spoke for us all! Thanks for the encouragement because I happen to be around many neo-cons(I used to be one).

P.S. I know people in Texas that would love to have your shirt! LOL!