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RNC 2012 Speakers Announced

Huffington Post - WASHINGTON — A trio of female firsts and three former GOP presidential contenders are among the first speakers disclosed for August's Republican National Convention.

The GOP convention schedule is packed with high-profile names to fire up divergent wings of the Republican Party, from social conservatives to fiscal hawks. They will speak ahead of Mitt Romney's formal acceptance of his party's presidential nomination.

Convention leaders were not ready to announce the keynote speaker, a prime speaking slot that has the potential to catapult a rising member of the party to national prominence.

The schedule's outlines were first reported by The Tampa Bay Times late Sunday and were confirmed to The Associated Press by Republican officials with direct knowledge of the plan. The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because convention officials had not yet announced the schedule.

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If Ron Paul won

The GOP nominination, the National Convention would have Obama and Lieberman speak over allowing Ron Paul a slot.

It was obvious since the beginning that Ron Paul speaking

at the RNC was, and always has been, an impossibility; 5 states or even 15 states or not.

To be able to speak in that charade of an event you have to endorse the presumptive nominee, do you really think that Ron Paul (not Rand , Ron the statesmen) would throw his principles that he has so meticulously kept for 30+ years out the window to be a "team" player or to invite Americans to settle for the "lesser of the two evils" (even though we all know Romney = Obama)?

They are not afraid of Ron Paul the politician (he's politically isolated in that whore house), they are scared to death of Ron Paul the inspiration of CHANGE and Ron Paul knows this and will not fall for the trap of endorsing Romney for a speaking slot even if it's Paul's last chance to POLITICALLY advance his message within the GOP; that's where the POLITICIAN Rand comes in.

Besides, Ron Paul is on TV a lot (Cavuto, Bloomberg and so on), he doesn't need those 15 minutes

Ron Paul stays squeaky clean and his legacy as a perfectly principled statesmen will never die and will inspire many folds more by not betraying his principles instead than him having 15 minutes at the RNC and having to endorse Romney.

The liberty movement has to smarten up and recognize we're playing 2 games: inspiring and convincing our fellow Americans of the advantages of the philosophy of Liberty by word of mouth and principles (inspired by Ron Paul) AND the more utilitarian approach with Rand, the politician (he'll have to get dirty). We must recognize that whether you choose to pursue the political approach or not we are both working towards the same goal of liberty and ONLY ONE APPROACH WOULD NOT BE AS EFFECTIVE AND WOULD PROBABLY FAIL ON IT'S OWN, WE NEED BOTH.

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, an

Jeb Bush (After Read My Lips

Jeb Bush (After Read My Lips and the last 8 year disaster ...really??? and no Ron Paul? U gotta be F#$&ing kidding me?) Rick Santorum? Why don't they just announce that Bloody Bill Kristol will be the lone, keynote, speaker for the evening and tell everybody else to get lost?

Read DevinUp's comment below:

DevinUp is exactly right. The time is now. If you quit or do not attend Tampa convention, then this entire movement has been for nothing and we will never be taken seriously again.

We have learned from past mistakes. This is OUR time to show America that we care for our nation and our Liberty, and that we will not succumb to msm propoganda. We are citizens and we have a voice. Let it be heard loud and clear.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

We must be the most vocal

We must be the most vocal political group out there. If you're a delegate, by all means get to Tampa. If you're not, show up anyways and let's surround the place with giant Paul banners and signs. If Romney sends you letters asking for donations, send a note back saying you refuse to vote for a progressive status quo politician. Send him an extra Ron Paul sticker you have laying around for good measure.

Even if the GOP consistently tosses us a giant middle finger, toss one straight back. We are taking over the party. Don't become the enemy, but we are consistently placing more and more liberty candidates into the GOP. All we need is a dedicated block to push legislation in the right direction. Then we just add. A couple candidates here. A couple candidates there. Nobody can stop an idea when it's time has come. Now is the time. Let's take our country back.

We all know the GOP is full of terrible, despicable people. We know that. Just chip away at their hold on power until they are in the minority. Soon they will be the ones who are marginalized. I know the GOP would never just roll over and let Paul be nominated, but as far as I understand it, he really should be on the ballot in Tampa. I know there are legal battles underway. Let everyone know all the dirty tricks the GOP has pulled. If we're going to go down, let's do it kicking, biting, clawing, and making it as painful as possible for the establishment.

One day it will be our turn.

I'm not a delegate, but I will be in Tampa

however way, whichever way, I will be there. Will you?

Coming down there. :)

Coming down there from GA. :)
I assume I'll run into a bunch of you guys and figure it out from there.

Did RP Get Put Up For Nomination?

Can we figure this out? If Ron Paul is put up for nomination as a direct result from him getting a plurality of delegates in at least 5 states (which we know he has) he will be granted the same amount of time to speak as Romney.

Obviously we know why the RNC has slated an entire pro-establishment speaking roster but we need to get RP up for nomination. I'm not a delegate and don't know how to do this, but it needs to be done.

nominating speeches are separate from these speeches

Getting on the ballot doesn't give Ron Paul equal time to speak. Each candidate's side/supporters get 15 minutes to address the delegates. Presumably, Ron Paul himself could take that time. But that's a separate process from this schedule that is being set. Romney's speech will be the last speech on the last day, long after the delegates have done their work and he has won the nomination. He'll have however much time he wants to talk.

If Delegates Vote For Paul??

"They will speak ahead of Mitt Romney's formal acceptance of his party's presidential nomination." And if delegates vote for Paul instead ......?

One Other Thing

Let's hope Tampa's Paul Festival get's a lot of Media attention!


ah, to dream...

won't happen.

Hate to be Debbie Downer

But have you not been paying attention for the last five years?! Have you not yet learned the term 'blackout'? Have you not seen total media coverage of Romney packing several dozen supporters to his rallies, while NO ONE ever heard a peep about Paul packing in several THOUSAND? Trust me, as far as media coverage is concerned, the Paul Fest, Paul 'convention', Troops march for Ron Paul...it will all go as planned but the world will not even know these events ever happened. The only coverage Paul and supporters will get is when Obama wins re-election and all of the blame will be pushed on US. This script is so predictable it may as well be produced by Michael Bay.

Everyone will be video taping and posting on youtube

who watches the media anymore?

Ron Paul has done more in spite of the Republican Party

Realize that the Republican Party (as well as the Democratic Party) is controlled by the bankers who own the Federal Reserve Bank. Ron Paul was never welcome and will never be welcome unless he compromises himself in such a way that he can be controlled (ie. blackmailed). It would be naïve to think that the owners of the FED whose wealth is spectacular in a manner that is astronomically beyond the dreams of avarice would have no interest in controlling both major parties (their wealth is secret - Bill Gates is in awe and beholden to THEM). In fact they have controlled both parties for many decades. It is a miracle that Ron Paul has been able to work his way into the system as far as he has. Ron Paul is an absolutely brilliant man and God (who works through righteous, honest and humble men), no doubt, has played a role in all this. It's all been just enough to let the cat out of the bag about the conspiracy that is the FED. Don't expect much else from the Republican Party. We now know what the score is and the ball is now in our court. IT'S NOW UP TO US TO CARRY THIS FORWARD. If you have any doubts about what I'm saying here then watch this interview with a former best friend of one of the Federal Reserve shareholders. He learned a lot about the agenda of the FED that is not for public consumption. He was so taken back by how the FED was so overwhelmingly evil that he finally after a period of time had to break his relationship for moral reasons. It all comes out in this shocking interview here:


We are at a key point in history. Ron Paul has opened our eyes to the reality of our awful situation. We are aware and now we cannot unlearn the truth of what is happening to our country. We must pick up from here and move his work forward.


Of institutions, by institutions, for institutions

That interview was long, but telling. I don't know that, in general, there was anything I wasn't already aware of, but the more that certain things are confirmed the more it strengthens the argument. Thanks for the link. I plan to watch the documentary referred to America: Freedom to Fascism.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Here's your best link

GO here:


Incidentally, Ron Paul was prominently featured in this film and it was what gave early impetus to Ron Paul's campaign in the first part of 2007!


America: Fascism to Freedom

Thanks for that link. It's from 2005 but no less relevant. Today I was speaking with a friend who said he'd vote for Ron Paul if he got the nomination, but as that wasn't likely, he'd definitely vote for Romney. He said he's fine voting for a businessman and entrepreneur - as if a small business owner would have anything in common with Mitt Romney. My friend can't stand the president and is pretty angry at those who would stay home or vote third party, saying it would help Obama. He still doesn't get it. I sent him the Rothschild quote “Give me control over a nation’s currency and I don’t care who makes the laws” and urged him to watch the film.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Yes Freedom to Fascism is a great Wake Up Tool

...and if you can get him to also watch that interview I promise you it is likely to shake your friend to the core! I know this from experience. It's a powerful testimony that causes the light to go on if you know what I mean.


My challenge in that regard

is greater than you realize. I'm doing what I can, but I think some people really don't want to know. IT TAKES TOO MUCH EFFORT TO ACTUALLY MAKE THE TIME TO LOOK INTO THINGS. It's just so much easier to listen to talk radio in your car and FoxNews at home and then vote "R" against the big bad wolf Obama and pat yourself on the back that you've done your civic duty. For some people, send them something they might have to READ or even something to WATCH if it's longer than some five-minute You-Tube clip, and it's treated as if akin to going back to school. The irony here is that these might be the exact same people ranting about the pharmaceutical companies and how these days people just want to take "a pill" for everything. If only there were a pill that encapsulated all the terrific resources right here at the Daily Paul! And thanks again for yours - which I recently linked elsewhere (http://www.dailypaul.com/247838/what-is-the-whole-picture#co...). The documentary has been around for a while. Surely many here have seen it. But you never know.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

I know the situation

Great post. I upped it to a +4 for you. I have friends and people in my own family who truly don't care and are clueless. I just wait for the right time when there's news that impinges on their life then I'll use it as a lead-on. Like I have a sister who flies a lot and when the TSA scandal broke out in the mainstream I used that as a lead-in. The same goes for a brother in New Orleans when the BP oil spill fiasco got going. Sometimes if someone is visiting for a couple days I'll pick an appropriate time (maybe while playing rock videos on YouTube] and say "Hey, you've got to see this!" Then I'll start up the Aaron Russo interview. With patience there are ways to break the wall of apathy. It's like what Steve Jones [who I know personally - See this: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1957490867030316250 ] would say, "You have to give people a little nudge every now and again."


Just watched the video. Thanks.

Too bad he lost his job on account of his work (according to his Wikipedia bio). There's so much compelling evidence out there. I really don't understand how it is that there's still been no investigation.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

It was a hot potato for BYU

However, what is not as well known is that he has said that he got a very generous retirement package from BYU and he has no hard feelings about that University. He's pretty happy about the arrangement because he can now pursue the truth agenda unfettered. By the way here is Steve Jones Peer reviewed scientific paper on those red chips (about a year and a half after his Boston presentation):


Just click "Download PDF". Note that there is one Scientist who still is in the Department of Astronomy and Physics at BYU who collaborated with Jones on this.


Thanks again.

Yes, his early retirement was perhaps a blessing in disguise. I'm not a scientist, but the conclusions of that paper say it all. Again, that's three years ago already. Unfortunately, from that bio I read, it seems that engineers questioning things have had their differences, splintering into different groups. (Ages ago, I came upon a presentation by Dr. Judy Woods, with a different hypothesis as to what happened. She was mentioned as part of that schism.) That's why there needs to be a formal investigation. While there might be different opinions as to what did happen, they're all in agreement as to what did not.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

A lot can be done on an individual basis

An honest formal investigation that gets publicized would work wonders. Meanwhile, people like you and I can do a lot to put pressure on the situation, just as Steve Jones has. I've researched this topic a lot and I've condensed what I've learned into and email designed to be replicated and sent on to others. Much of what I've given you already is in this. The subject line of my email reads:

When did you quit believing in Santa Claus?

Here's the body of the email:


As kids we believed in Santa Claus. Our parents were the gatekeepers of information and, though benign, our environment during that formative time was a controlled one. We were taught to believe in Santa Claus. Initially we accepted all the information that we received at face value. However, as time progressed, we gained bits and pieces of information that led to a cognitive dissonance which, in turn, led us to question our image of Santa Claus. These “bits and pieces” led to questions such as “How could Santa Claus fit through my chimney” or “How does Santa Claus leave gifts in millions of homes during a single night”? Armed with all these bits and pieces of information, we began to get a different picture that caused all the previous illogic that we had learned to come crashing down. This finally led to an epiphany that Santa Claus really isn’t anything like what we had first thought!

There are other things in life that we have always taken for granted as “fact” that later prove to be only an illusion as well. It’s only a matter of getting more information. As in the case of the Santa Claus myth, it is only a matter of time as new evidence unfolds that we are forced to rethink our view on what the truth is.

I want to try an experiment here:

Please watch this first video linked here. It’s only one minute. You’ve read this far into my letter so please take just one small minute and watch this first video. You’re going to be impressed. This is a local news video of a witness named Kenny Johannemann testifying to explosions that happened in the basement of one of the WTC towers. While he is testifying you still see both of the twin towers burning behind him in the background. This was live footage and it's only ONE minute long. Go ahead and watch this here:

(YouTube Key Words: Johannemann suicide)

Those explosions were from charges that were set up to weaken the structure preparatory to pulling the tower. You say, “wait, this doesn’t fit anything I know, maybe there is some other explanation for those explosions in the basement.” True. This is just one piece of evidence, but it’s a piece of evidence that raises a lot of questions. You didn’t see this on TV either. Does that prick your interest?

The government has promoted a “theory” that maybe the fuel from the jet trickled down the elevator shafts into the basement and subsequently exploded. Could this be? Let’s continue and look at other evidence. Barry Jennings was another witness that got stuck in Building Seven during 9/11. Remember, Building Seven was NEVER hit by a jet. In Barry's case an explosion blew out a stair well below him leaving him hanging and stranded for hours until the fire department got him out. Both the twin towers went down during the time he was stranded. Building Seven, a tall building in it’s own right (47 stories tall), came down at around 5:20 (later that day). Fortunately, he was saved. Watch his account here:

(YouTube Key Words: Barry Jennings dead age – more hits when “dead age” excluded)

Again, the explosions he talked about were from charges that were set up to weaken the structure preparatory to pulling down this building. You say, “Hold On! Building Seven housed the FBI and the CIA offices, so who would have access to set up explosives in there? There has got to be another explanation.” True. This is just one piece of evidence which raises more questions. Again, you didn't see Barry’s testimony on TV.

William Rodriguez, head janitor at the towers, was meeting with some people in basement level #1 (the highest of several basement levels) when an explosion from below pushed everyone upwards, causing ceiling tiles to fall and walls to crack. Just as William started to express to others what he thought that explosion might be, an airplane hit and shook the building from above. His story begins at 9:31 here:

(Google Video Key Words: William Rodriguez)

Now, let’s look for other different kinds of evidence. Steve Jones, a physicist, obtained WTC dust samples from the collapsed WTC towers from people who lived nearby. He analyzed it and found that the dust contained residues of explosives. Steve Jones first became famous when he became known as the “voice of reason” during the Pons / Fleischman "Cold Fusion" debacle of 1989, if you remember that. For a Nuclear Physicist, like Steve Jones, analyzing dust samples for explosive residues is a relatively simple task. It may be similar to asking a PhD mathematician to do arithmetic. He reported his detailed findings here in Boston:

(Google Video Key Words: Steve Jones Boston)

In this lecture, you recall, he offered other scientists to take parts of his samples in order to analyze the "red chips" that he had recently discovered. That was December 2007. These specks have now, in fact, been confirmed to be unexploded “nanostructured super-thermite” particles. That confirmation is not just a smoking gun IT IS THE GUN. See the article here:


The actual paper in its entirety can be found here in PDF form. Be sure to click the “download” link here:


If you get into the actual paper, you learn that the explosives may actually have been sprayed into position like paint or insulation!

Steve Jones’ findings may not fit the stories that you have heard in the news but it does lend support to what Johannemann, Jennings and Rodriguez testified that they saw. You say, “The news media isn’t going to shoot itself in the foot by making something up.” So how do we rectify all the contradictions that we were told in the news? Could Steve Jones and these witnesses be glory-seeking kooks trying to make a name for themselves?

Then take a look at this:

Here is a BBC report announcing the collapse of the Solomon Building (the official name for Building Seven). There is only one problem. The reporter standing at the scene and announcing this didn't realize that, in fact, you could still see Building Seven still standing off to the right. It actually collapsed within about 20 minutes after that live report. Watch it here:

(YouTube Key Words: BBC Solomon slips – you get more hits by excluding “slips”)

How did the BBC know in advance that Building Seven would collapse? The fact that it was announced in advance is strong support that the flow of information on this tragedy was being controlled (but in a more sinister way than how information about Santa Claus was controlled in your life).

Were the people at the BBC the only people privy to this information? Probably not. Larry Silverstein was the leaseholder of Building Seven. In a 2002 PBS documentary he talked about how he discussed the Building Seven situation with the fire department and how the decision was made by that department to "pull" it. Well, there is one problem with his testimony that you may want to consider. It takes about a week to rig a building with explosives before you pull it. So are buildings constructed with built-in explosives just in case they need to be blown up in a hurry? Building Seven went down that same day. Whoops! Watch Larry's testimony from the PBS documentary here in this short clip:

(YouTube Key words: PBS Silverstein)

Incidentally, luckily for Larry, he insured his property in the nick of time just six months before September 11th! It was a sweet deal. So who orchestrated this terrorist event anyway? They had to get past the FBI and CIA and prepare at least three buildings for demolition as well as direct the activities of men with box cutters (if they even existed). It’s clear from the evidence presented here so far that at least some of the media was in on this. What else could explain the BBC blunder? They had to control the information to those of us who might not like the idea that a few thousand people had to be killed in order to fulfill some kind of agenda. What’s in it for these people that were “in the know?”

Aaron Russo was a famous movie producer who became best friends with one of the Rockefeller family members (Remember “The Rose” and "Trading Places" starring Eddie Murphy?). This is the same Rockefeller family that is a large shareholder of the Federal Reserve Bank -- a private company that loans money to our government and contributes to our huge national debt. You see the name “Federal Reserve” at the top the dollar bill. Yes, we're talking about THAT Bank! Anyway, the upshot of this friendship was that in the year 2000 (11 months before 9/11) Aaron Russo learned from his Rockefeller buddy that there was going to be an "event". He was told that out of this event the U.S. would go into Afghanistan and look for Bin Laden in Caves and then the U.S. would go into Iraq. His fascinating testimony about this "event" starts at 26:45 here in this interview:

(Google Video Key Words: Aaron Russo Reflections Warnings)

One more thing. In February 2009 a 44 story Chinese skyscraper caught fire and thoroughly burned into a crinkling cinder. However IT DID NOT COLLAPSE. By comparison WTC Building Seven had a few small fires and was never hit by a plane. It DID COLLAPSE. See that article here:

(Google Key Words: China 44 fire consumes)

Now see this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZEvA8BCoBw
(YouTube Key Words: architects engineers 911 truth)

Amazingly, all this evidence is only the tip of the iceberg. Each of these are separate independent pieces of evidence from unconnected sources. When taken together they paint a clear picture. You are a juror in a court of law. What would be your verdict? Remember, the word “conspiracy” is not in the dictionary to describe a fiction.

To forward this as a clean readable e-mail (without the accumulation of all the “>” symbols) just highlight all the text and COPY IT FIRST. Then paste it into your new e-mail before sending it on. It works like a charm!

NOTE: I included key words below each link because it’s common for a video to disappear. Usually multiple versions exist and the key words will assist in finding another copy.


Hundreds of times I have used a stripped down version of this email to answer 9/11 questions on Yahoo Answers. I have awoken countless people to the situation.


It will be JEB

The surprise "keynote" speaker at the RNC will be John Edward Bush aka "JEB".
It hasn't been reported yet, these idiots think they are being very cute about keeping it a secret.
He will be the VP pick too.
This is my prediction.
The Bush Cartel that's owned the American political system, sorta like Putin owning the Russian political system, will not let go of all that power so easily.
There is still tons of money to be milked out of Americans, via the Department of Education, Federal mandates on education, pushing a hotbuttom agenda like "No Child Left Behind", Technology requirements in schools, or some other BS.

Yes, Jebediah will speak...

...but the GOP are such blatant panderers that my bet on who the VP choice will be? A female AND a minority this time around. Three to choose from, Gov. Martinez, Gov. Haley, or Condy Rice. Mark my words.

Let Us All Pray That The Good Lord Grants Ron Paul A Speaking

slot and that he gets nominated by the delegates...

Many times prayers works wonders..

...and many times they don't.

Sincerely, an atheist.

10% of atheist pray

according to Gallup. True story bro.

On an unrelated note, have you ever wished for something then later in life you realize it was either either a frivolous wish or that if it was granted you would not of been as successful/happy? I know I have. I know I have wished to be with a girl before and she rejected me. Then, I was sad. Now, I am happy because that girl was not worth it. Maybe sometimes prayers are not answered because they would do more harm than good. As the saying goes: Be careful what you wish for.

Theologically speaking (don't down vote for talking about real complex theology):

Then again, maybe God has hardened the hearts of the American people as judgement if God does not answer our prayers. For the most part anyway you look at it, the American people stand condemned for judgement either by God or by the world at large when everything comes tumbling down. I look at it as the former rather than the later because when justice comes there will be no mercy from the other nations. On the other hand, God gives you mercy.

God answered my prayer to win Iowa. Just saying.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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