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RNC Breaks the Rules with new Romney Ad?

I am unfortunately fairly ignorant about the RNC rules, but I am pretty sure they are not allowed to support a candidate, financially speaking, before the convention. Is this correct?

If so, this ad, which I saw yesterday on TV, is a blatant breaking of that rule. I suppose it's always been too much to ask that the RNC and the party in general follows their own rules....


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I'm Sorry but,

I'm Sorry but, does the rule also state -If Jesse Benton gives you permission to break the rules, then you can - ??? If not, then permission or not you broke the rules.

The rules are there for a reason....

Rules are for those

Rules are for those who follow the rules.
The RNC makes up, changes, modifity, and do whatever it pleases in regard to Rules.
Hey, Whatever happened with that Lawsuit?
The one where RNC did not follow it's own rules.

Those who make the rules can't "break" the rules

Welcome to the machine. :(

I believe this was allowed by the RP Campaign & Jesse Benton.

They approached both camps about working on prefunding before the RNC in Tampa.