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Rudy Giuliani Constitutionally Ineligible To Be President

Let's digg the hell out of this. The word needs to get out.

In pictures: Rudolph Giuliani KBE
Former Mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani, is in London to receive an honorary knighthood from the Queen and to meet politicians. Link isnt working.



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We have a constitution still?

I wasn't aware that our constitution was still a legally binding document in the year 2007. I thought in 2005 it just became a goddamn piece of paper.

He isn't holding any office

Is he?

Guli is truly screwy

First I read about his cross-dresser antics, then this post and then the post about him taking calls in the middle of speeches and chatting for minutes while people wait... and that he wants his future wife to sit in on cabinet meetings.... Sheeesh! THIS is the guy that thinks he's fit for the ultimate office???
This is getting to be a scarier proposition by the minute.