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Setbacks and Bizarre Turns In The Raw Milk Saga

Setbacks and Bizarre Turns In The Raw Milk Saga

Advocates for the right to choose raw milk still face an uphill battle.

Baylen Linnekin | August 4, 2012

Got raw milk? Increasingly that question appears difficult to answer in the affirmative

For fans of raw milk and those who, like me—a non-consumer of either raw or pasteurized dairy milk—fight for food freedom in all its forms, the past year or two have been notable for several setbacks on the unpasteurized dairy front.

The FDA has increased pressure on states to crack down on raw milk within their own borders. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently stepped up its efforts against raw milk after the agency claimed its recent analysis "found that the incidence of dairy-associated disease outbreaks caused by nonpasteurized dairy products was 150 times greater per unit consumed than that from pasteurized products."

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corporate agriculture has been a social menace far too long

I wonder who's idea it was to label unpasteurized milk "raw" and pasteurized milk, as just milk?
We all have to figure out a way to stick together. This war on the "anti" (pro-freedom) establishment has actually become quite serious.
To think that some poor farmer in Michigan these days has to look over his shoulder before taking a swig of his own milk does not seem very "American". Even worse, what if the same farmer decided to pour off some freshly churned buttermilk into his dog's bowl? Woof, now that could be enough cause to have 50 agents from 10 different agencies come barging in with guns drawn.
There is good news however. Even though the FDA and many of their bureaucratic siblings have ramped up their arrests and propaganda to satisfy BIG DAIRY, I believe that there is what Ron Paul refers to as "blowback" happening right now.
The Obama admin. claims that they threw Bin Laden overboard to deny any radical Muslims a rallying cry, but somehow they are not worried about the sensitivity of the tax payers who witness the handcuffing and arrests of Amish farmers for trying to bring the fruits of their labor to market.
Ron Paul is right about freedom for the individual. We have sat by for years while non violent people in our society have been demonized for activities that we don't approve of...well, while we should have all been standing up for individual rights without prejudice, now it seems that the chickens are coming back to roost. Except this time they may have landed a little too close to our own doorsteps.
What good does it do society to get rid of all the crack houses if we all eventually have to hide behind the curtains of our own homes so that we can feed our dog extra milk before it goes to waste?