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MN Senate candidate Slams Liberty opponent Kurt Bills w/ lies and assumptions


I hope the people of MN don't fall for this bull*! For God sakes didn't they try this directly against Dr. Paul last year during the debates? And weren't they also put in their place when attempting this garbage?

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The more they lie and distort, the more pressure they receive and votes they LOSE!
Look at Cruz in Texas.
No election race could have been more dirty.
est. vs. TP...
est was beat down badly and FOR GOOD!
SPANKED! In front of everyone, bare a$$ed so the nation saw their hineys!!!
sent the est. lackey dewhurst PACKING.
He has to come back and preside over the Texas senate and people who WENT AGAINST him. HE IS NOW A LOSER and TEXANS dont like losers, like dewhurst, perry, Mccain, ROMNEY etc etc...
how ironic is that?
perry and dewhurst now have to look the public in the face as LOSERS!
That takes wind from their corrupt sails for sure.

Dont worry.
These dishonorable tactics they deploy are backfiring and they know no other course of action to take. This is now a losing strategy.
Too bad for them, they have no OTHER strategy to deploy!
They never thought the public would go against them, and were WRONG!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Carlson is a flake

He's not even on the radar in MN and a complete non-factor.

It's clear he's simply a nut job trying to make a headline.