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Florida paper calls on Romney to provide specifics on his tax plan


The editorial board of the Tampa Bay Times called on Mitt Romney Monday to release specifics of his tax plan if he is going to deny the findings of a report from the Tax Policy Center. The editorial lays out the findings of the study, which showed that Romney’s tax plan cuts taxes on the wealthy and raises them on 95 percent of Americans. “The study cuts through the magical thinking surrounding the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s promise to lower taxes without adding to the budget deficit,” the editors write. “If he wants to argue with the numbers, rather than shooting at the messenger, he will have to demonstrate how the numbers are wrong and fill in the blanks in his plan.”

Too often candidates get away with fanciful claims that they can cut taxes without reducing defense spending or worsening the deficit.

(Karl Rove has already advised Romney to keep quiet on specifics so it will be interesting to see how far this one goes and if anyone else joins in.
Translation :- If Romney does give out specifics the Independents won't like it and he will lose even more votes.)

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