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The keynote speaker for the convention has NOT been selected, yet

You just never know.....(crickets)

Now, back to reality. The battle lines have been drawn and it is out time to carry out our plans to restore the republic and the republican party.

In every district though out the 50 states, we need to continue to recruit precinct delegates. By the time new leadership is voted on in every district, we need to strive to obtain a majority. This is the only way. In fact, if I had my choice on another Ron Paul to be elected or a majority of delegates...I'll take the delegates.

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Obama to give keynote at GOP convention

in an amazing display of cooperation and bi-partisanship Mitt Romney has pledged to give the keynote at the DNC convention in Charlotte, while his brother from another mother Barack Obama will headline the GOP's Tampa event.

Sadly its not that far fetched is it?

*May the only ones to touch your junk, be the ones you want to touch your junk.*

I thought they had?

I thought they said it would be Chris Christie about 2 weeks ago?