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Ron Paul's case for the nominee updated 08/06

Ron Paul's case for the Nominee Updated 08/06

‎1. The only GOP nominee who can beat Obama in November.
The only GOP nominee that can take a majority of Independents and take Democrats away from Obama too.

2. The only GOP nominee who wants to gradually reduce Fed personal tax to ZERO. WSJ's Stehen Moore says it can be done and "would be the biggest job creator in history".
Transcript http://www.examiner.com/finance-examiner-in-national/wsj-eco...

3. The only GOP nominee who would cut Federal spending - $1tn cuts first year, balanced budget in three. Everyone else would increase the deficit and the National Debt would soar.

‎4. The only candidate, with a consistent track record going back over 20 years, who supports the Constitution.

‎5. The only candidate who predicted the housing bubble and subsequent collapse. And he did so 5 years before it happened. The only candidate who understands economics.

‎6. The only candidate who would create more friends for America. All the others would create more enemies.

7. Welfare payments would be more secure. With cuts to wasteful spending programs there is more money to meet welfare obligations.
http://www.ronpaul2012.com/the-issues/ron-paul-plan-to-resto... See section on Mandatory Spending for plans to protect Medicare, Social Security etc.

Update 08/06

8. Ron Paul would immediately start to tackle the rampant corruption endemic in Washington DC.
He would wield the veto like a mighty sword on all those lines of Pork, discreetly hidden in bills.
Bridge to Nowhere - no more.
Subsidies for Nascar? No way.
The list of Pork passing through DC is endless. It can be stopped.

9. Bank fraud
Unlike Romney and Obama, Ron Paul would tackle the numerous cases of banking fraud.
Why have no bankers been jailed for the widespread mortgage fraud? The banks bought Obama in 2008, they have bought Romney in 2012.

10. Ron Paul can project a positive message
Let's take this country BACK to what made it GREAT

HOW did America turn from a land of optimism & the greatest creditor on Earth, turn into a nation of frightened sheep loaded with debt? Let's turn it BACK.

The Republicans are FRIGHTENED of the Democrats and the Democrats are FRIGHTENED of the Republicans. Let's join together and unite under the Constitution for the United States.

EVERYONE has been made to be afraid of a few lunatics without any clout. We defeated the USSR why is everyone afraid of a few radical muslims?
Do you remember the time when America defeated an empire with 1,000's of ICBM's at US cities, 10,000's tanks, submarines, fighters, bombers? And you are now afraid. Of what?

Why not go BACK to a time when US was full of optimism & opportunity & wealth? Why NOT go back to the Constitution for the United States?

Why did the spirit of enterprise and we can do ANYTHING get replaced in America by sheep cowered by FEAR?

WHY do American's continue to re-elect the same members of Congress that have an 11% approval rating? Why NOT kick them OUT? Why not take the whip (veto) to them and the mountains of Pork?

Why don't Americans stop being supporters of Republican or Democrat parties and go back to being supporters of AMERICA and the CONSTITUTION? Let's make America GREAT.

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Very Positive Post Regarding Why Ron Paul for President! Ian56

Thank you! ( :


Republican establishment wants 4 more years of Obama...

I am convinced that the Republican establishment does not want to win... they prefer 4 more years of Obama. This way they can then say, "See, even with 8 years of democratic rule the economy is still bad."

Then they can step in and 'fix' everything. Yeah right!

robot999's picture


to continue that: "See, even with 8 years of democrat rule, the economy is still bad."

* In their empty heads they are thinking: "Which is exactly what our masters want, so us useful idiots can keep the green paper coupons rolling in."

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa



"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Well said!


Great post.

Ron Paul for President.


for liberty and Ron Paul Pres. 2012