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Not a delegate, but flying in to Tampa on the 27th. Where's the party at?

I am not a delegate, but I just bought my plane tickets to Tampa anyways. I'm flying in after the Paul festival because I unfortunately have a work engagement I couldn't miss, but will arrive the morning of the 27th. I'm a Ron Paul footsoldier, I just need something to do! Where will everyone who are not delegates be during the convention? Outside, standing to be counted? Where's the party at? I don't have any sleeping arrangements, but figured I could wing it. Thanks for any ideas!

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Thanks for being an RP foot-soldier.


wingin it is the way to go....

you will find me passed out under someone's RV or camping at campfest I suppose. Don't really know what the options are as of yet. I'm a little behind on the planning and such...in fact just decided to go as of today. Will probably be fying in the 23rd and out on the 27th, unless something comes up and i have a good reason to go sooner or stay later.

I won't be there but if I was