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Randi Shannon Live Tonight 9pm Est On Liberty Live-stream Team Show With Suriyah & Qadoshyah Fish

Tonight at 9PM EST on the Liberty Live Stream Team Show Qadoshyah and Suriyah will be interviewing Randi Shannon. Randi was running for a GOP Iowa State Senate and dropped out to join an alternate government. They will talk to Randi about her senate race, why she dropped out and find out more about the why she became a senator for the Republic of Iowa in the Republic for the United States of America.

Watch LIVE tonight at 9PM EST!
Tune in at http://show.ronpaultribune.com/

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For the sake of argument, let's just say...

...the "Republic for the United States of America" is
actually the real, true, & authentic government of
this land we call the U. S. of A, and the current
Federal government is "fake".

Which organization has more power, the "real' or
the "fake"? The answer is the "fake" one. It
commands a tremendous military force, collects huge
taxes, etc.

If one wanted to change governments from the "fake"
to the "real", one would first have to gain control
of the "fake" to make that transition.

Here in Iowa, we (the Liberty Caucus) control the Republican
Central Committee and are planning on growing stronger,
and moving the state government towards free-market,
liberty principles.

To "jump ship" to join an organization that has no
real power to promote liberty principles, just
doesn't seem to me to be logical.

Does someone have a believable explanation why Randi
would do this?

Just donated to Ryan Flood, Randi's replacement as...

... the GOP candidate for the Iowa Senate in District 34.
I don't know Randi, but I don't think she has done the liberty movement any favor by first running for and then dropping out of a political race. Its especially embarrassing since she did so for reasons that will appear crazy to 99% of her fellow Iowans.

I think this is a prime example of how some people would help us more if they just stayed at home and kept their mouths shut.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Great show tonight!!

Very informative time with Randi Shannon on the Republic for the United States of America! Will post the video from the show tonight for anyone who missed it once it's uploaded, Lord willing!

-Qadoshyah Fish
Oklahoma Parking Lot Patriot


Here is the aftershow.


only like 10 of us on now, watchin music vids and talkin bout tampa.

This is a great listen,

listening to Randi Shannon is another much needed venue for Americans to become more informed, her patriotism is invigorating. Thank you for letting us know about this interview.


The show is live now! This is a MUST WATCH!

U Betcha!

Up North (bump)

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There is no duration defined in the Oath

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