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Paul Festival Announces New Bronze Sponsor!

One vs Many (1vsM) is a retail & entertainment company that releases limited edition shirts, diverse music, and throws community based events. 1vsM was founded by members of a DC based artist collective with goals of sustainability through creativity. They've worked with hundreds of artists & musicians creating dozens of projects & events that synergism fashion & music.

Snowmaggedon was a fun project that used a snow storm, a shirt, and a mixtape to raise a few thousand for charity. The project received national coverage by NBC, CBS, & ESPN. In 2012, One vs Many plans to put out a line of organic clothing, release several music videos, and launch a console based gaming league.

Please take the time to support Paul Festival Bronze Sponsor at http://www.1vsm.com.

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One vs. Many!



Awesome! Thanks 1vsM!! I

Awesome! Thanks 1vsM!! I was just on their site the other night, checking out their t-shirts! I have to have one in particular, with the arrows. :)

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bump for good news



One vs. Many!!!!