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Jack Hunter and Julie Borowski endorse Jon Fye for Colorado House District 53

Hello Everyone!

Last week was a total blast at our 2012 Young Americans for Liberty National Convention in Washongton D.C. While I was out there I got to meet Dr. Paul and Justin Amash at the YAL Convention and get my picture taken with them.

I also spent some time hanging out with Jack Hunter and Julie Borowski. Jack and Julie both endorsed my candidacy while I was out there and I am honored to have their support. Christopher Doss endorsed me as well.

I am running for State Representative for the Colorado House of Representatives for Colorado House District 53. I spoke with Justin Amash for a little bit because he served one term in state legislature prior to running for Congress. He didn't have much time to talk at the Convention because there were so many of us in attendance. Luckily he agreed to meet with me on Tuesday July 31st.

On Tuesday July 31st I had a 11:30 a.m. meeting at the GOP Capital Hill Club with my Congressman Cory Gardner from Colorado's 4th Congressional District. At 3:30 I had an appointment to meet with Congressman Justin Amash as well. Justin and I spent some time talking about campaign strategy as well as the future of the Liberty movement, and let me tell you something, given all the attendee's we had at the YAL convention the future of our movement is very secure.

Congressman Amash and Congressman Gardner both made some solid campaign strategy recommendations and area's for me to focus my efforts with my limited budget to ensure my victory. Currently I need to raise another $3,000.00 before Labor Day in order to carry out my current strategy. I won't go into detail here on what that is, as i'm sure my opponent is researching me.

As we all know, the future of our movement relies on all of us rallying around our Liberty Candidates at both the State and Federal level. If you are willing and able to support my campaign, any donations are greatly appreciated. I am working to unseat the deputy whip of the Colorado House of Representatives. I ran unopposed in the Republican Primary and now my task is to unseat the incumbent. This will be tough as he is already receiving numerous donations from special interest groups.

Before you commit to donating to my campaign however, I would ask that you take a little bit of time to get to know me. I post on Twitter as @JonFye1 and my campaign facebook page is www.facebook.com/jonfyeforhd53 I post on Youtube as JonFTC and my website is www.jonfye.com I have some pictures from my trip up on my campaign facebook page already if you would like to see pictures of me with Dr. Paul, Justin, Jack and Julie. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and I look forward to talking to you on facebook or twitter!

For Liberty,

Jon Fye
State representative Candidate for Colorado House District 53

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Jefferson's picture


Thanks for running Jon..

Lots of people can talk the talk, but it takes an extra special commitment to run for office. Having run a couple of local campaigns, I can tell you that it is amazingly hard work.
I see you have early experience working with swine. That should come in handy if you get elected....;)

One thing I noticed in your introduction may or may not need to be edited.

"As your Representative, I will work to restore the Rule of Law, take back the powers designed to the States and protected by the 10th Amendment, and restore the Rights of the People."

Shouldn't that be "assigned?" I wasn't sure, but I thought I'd point it out.

Also maybe consider making energy independence part of your "issues" page. Energy independence encompasses a humble foreign policy, free markets, job creation, and a lot of other challenges our country faces. Plus, voters are tired of getting stiffed at the pump, and want to know they will have someone who is looking out for their interests in that area. Companies like this are showing that you can tackle energy needs and still be environmentally responsible.

One last thought. Freedom isn't "popular" with those who have no idea how they've been enslaved. Make sure you can articulate how they've been enslaved, and tap into that populist anger that is bubbling under the surface. You can't just use words like freedom and the constitution and expect people to automatically catch on. You might as well be speaking Chinese to them in some cases.
Highlight your problem solving skills, and don't be afraid to go after your opponent's throat. The media (as corrupt as they are) thrives on those red meat quotes that generate buzz.

BTW, I didn't take an interest in you because Jack Hunter endorsed you. He's not that impressive to me. Consider selling yourself with your own qualities, not just who endorses you.

Hope you don't mind the unsolicited advice. Best of luck to you.

Jefferson, would it have made

Jefferson, would it have made you more interested if I said Adam Kokesh endorsed me? I know him too lol. Every candidate likes to mention their endorsements, hence why they have endorsement pages on their websites. This is so voters can see what other people are saying about their prospective candidates and make a better decision come election day.

Just because someone endorses another person that should not make you not be interested in them, quite the contrary. It is all part of playing politics being able to show who is on your side and who is not. Jack is a nice guy, so is Adam. They just have differences of views on which way the movement should proceed, and when both of them are able to get behind the same candidate that should speak volumes to others in the movement. I'm working to unite the movement, not divide it.

In regards to energy policy discussions go, I leave that area of focus to one of my fellow local candidates who has her Masters in alternative energy. I work as a Technical Consultant, so I tackle the discussions in regards to bills like CISPA/SOPA/PIPA.

Thanks for taking the time to reply! -Jon