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Vote Today In Mo!

Post experiences here!

I already voted absentee, I will be holding signs for Kyle Albert out in the St Chas county area.

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Bad news everyone...

The two the liberty candidates for Statewide office have lost.
Randles for Gov.
Brunner for Senate

I don't want to live in this state anymore.


I can confirm

I feel confident today

I just got done voting for Brunner, Moon, Carter and Randles.

We've got our teams working

We've got our teams working Mid-MO today to support our local Central Committee races.

♠ Missouri, Washignton State and Michigan


polling hours 6:00a CDT (1100 UTC) to 7:00p CDT (0000 UTC)
[] Cynthia L. Davis Lieutenant Governor (Constitution Party)
[] Mike Carter Lieutenant Governor (Republican)
[] Robyn Hamlin House Rep. Dist. 1
[] Jason Greene House Rep. Dist 5
[] Tyler Holyfield House Rep Dist 70 (against Eugene Dokes)
[] Bob Parker House Rep Dist 8
[] Mike Moon House Rep Dist 7
[] John Brunner Senate (More Paul people say they favor Brunner over Akin)
[] Bill Randles Governor
[] Dwon LittleJohn Jackson County Sheriff (Democrat)
[] Paul Curtman House Rep Dist 105
[] Kyle Albert House Rep Dist 106
[] Chris Gard House Rep Dist 63

polling hours 7:00a EDT (1100 UTC) / 7:00a CDT (1200 UTC) to 8:00p EDT (0000 UTC) / 8:00p CDT (0100 UTC). Relatively small portions of this state are in Central Time and so the vast majority of the polls are closed by the time indicated Eastern Time, when the networks feel they can project.
[] Ray Kirkus Berrien County Commissioner Dist. 9
[] Kerry L. Bentivolio House Rep. CD 11
[] Tom Wassa House Rep Dist 5
[] Randall Easterling Blackman Twp Delegate
[] Donald Biddinger Blackman Twp Delegate
[] Jack Hoogendyk House Rep Dist 6
[] Scotty Boman Senate
[] Amanda Van Essen House Rep Dist 88
[] Jim Hafeman House Rep Dist 109
[] Andy Sebolt Oceana County Commissioner
[] Clark Durant Senate

Washington State:
polling hours 7:00a PDT (1400 UTC) to 8:00p PDT (0300 UTC). Washington votes by mail. Mail ballots must be post-marked on or before Election Day. (?) Ballots must be in the hands of election workers or in an official drop-off location no later than 8 PM local time.
[] Sam Wilson State House Rep. Dist. 38
[] Richard Sanders state supreme court position 9
[] David “IKE” Eichner House Rep Dist 6
[] Eli Olson House Rep. Dist. 2
[] John Koster House Rep Dist 1
From: http://www.dailypaul.com/247859/3-states-have-elections-toda...

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Best wishes and thoughts to all of our friends in Liberty

running for offices in MO today, and to our friends who will be out there casting votes for them. Go MO!

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Bump-Very Important Post-Election Today 8-7-12

( :


Liberty Candidates

I have been working very closely with the Bill Randles campaign here in the Springfield MO so if you get a chance please take the time to vote for him today.

If you are in CD7, Mike Moon is running against incumbent Billy Long. I've been helping Mike for three months now and he is an honest man whom the establishment has much disdain for. He also has a mustache chiseled from stone.

John Brunner
Ed Martin
Shane Schoeller (I say with reservations. His voting record is constitutionally solid but his endorsements are a whos who of Patriot Act initiators)

President or not, the Revolution is happening and it grows at the local level.


You should be on the ballot for your local Republican Central Committee.

Lifting Mo up in prayer


Thank you Granger! I and my

Thank you Granger! I and my husband will be voting today.


I'm with you in spirit!!!

Working the polls...

tonight for Kyle Albert.


Early predictions

Brunner will take the nomination for US Senate.
Most of the liberty candidates for committee seats will win.


Wow! This Is Great News!

To Tampa and Beyond!


Absentee ballots. Unfortunately, I cannot help out as I had vacation, but I suspect we will make some gains in Jefferson County.