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Help! does this page display ok?

I've written several articles over the past few months in support of Ron Paul. But, if they don't display correctly then fewer will read them.

I just had a reader complain that the following article of mine did not display in his browser properly and he took the time to share with me that he made a note to himself to 'never visit' my site again because of it. (Nice.)

I have come across this issue in the past - images moving around and getting in the way of text - and I have tried to rectify the bug with wide spacing. I would do without most images if I knew that they were still getting in the way.

It would be a big help if I got feedback from DP peeps on whether or not the images are getting in the way of text. Thanks a lot in advance, I really appreciate your help.


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It's simple and clean

Kind of like it, like reading a paper :-)

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

that is very kind of you

to say, northstar, you've made my day :)

Maybe a little too much whitespace...

but it's fine.

Don't worry about the weenie that's "never" coming back. I'm sure it's not because of "layout" issues.

lol re weenie

definitely my website is too much of an eyeopener for some. Thanks, chopinwood, for your help. Totally agree with u re the white space, I know it's true.

Consider a new authoring tool

I looked at the html code and it seems a little weird, but I guess that's how the Yahoo Sitebuilder does it.

Consider moving to Wordpress. Or if you have a budget for a Bluehost.com account, they have several sitebuilder tools, including Wordpress.

Or if you just want simple, try wordpress.com You don't have to "blog" you can just create pages with wordpress too.

Bottom line is you shouldn't have to worry about code or layout these days (unless you like that stuff ;-)

have to admit I am not too tech savvy

some things i like about sitebuilder in what you can do with it. Poor page display, if it becomes an issue, isn't one of them, of course. I did have a look around wordpress a couple of years ago, but was really [image: The Scream] intimidated at the time :P