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Oak Creek, WI Sikh Shooting

Its terrible to hear what happened from people who were there. The Kaleka family are friends of ours so I can only relay what they said. I heard all of this, this afternoon... and don't want to add anything extra until more is known. There were enough people there and after a while enough of this will be known publicly.

The shooter showed up in the morning when only a few people (less than 50) were there for Akhand Paatha special family-related prayer. As soon as the first shots were fired outside Satwant Singh Kaleka, who was a very large strong man, ran out to confront the shooter. At this same time the other few people (mainly elderly, women, and young children) went to take cover. Kaleka Uncle held up the attacker but was eventually shot and killed.

One of the preachers who, while hiding, called Kaleka's son to tell him there was a shooter who shot his father and to come to the Gurdwara immediately. That preacher who made that call was later killed.


I don't know anything else that happened, at this point... but from what I was told it appears the shooter shot the first preist he saw outside, then went inside to hunt down the remaining preachers (who he eventually found and shot) when he was confronted near the entrance.

I am going to assume the shooter didn't know the difference between a Mosque and a Gurdwara and an Imam vs a Bhaisav... but it appears he was determined to hunt down and kill the preachers.

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The Sikhs are a brave and sturdy group.

The people need to arm themselves.

This is not a cause to disarm the populace,
but evidence of a need for the people to have
strategic loaded arms on the ready at all times.

If Osama Bin laden hadn't wore a turban...which is not Muslim

garb, lots of these crimes against Sikhs would never have happened.

Also, if this happened 1hr later...

If this happened 1hr later, when 200 to 400 people are there, this guy would have been taken down by the 20 nearest people.

The people who were there had to hide and wait for the police, who thankfully appeared to have shown up very quickly, but regardless i can't imagine what any of the children, women, anyone... hiding were feeling or will ever feel again.

The Sikh people are always ready to stand up when necessary and this time a Singh was there to heed the call. With this wake up call... in the future we should never take our safety for granted and need to be fully prepared all of the time.

This sounds too familiar to

This sounds too familiar to all of the islamaphobia/hate-speech that preaches Imaams are spreading Sharia throughout America via their mosques and congregations. It maybe too early to say, but it appears that exact hate speech is what this person was acting on.

When i say people who spread hate speech are responsible for these actions, this is exactly what I am referring to.