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MOD deleted my post in Mod Suggestion Box

I have asked a MOD to front page this:


My post received a few up votes and then it was deleted.

Most topics on the front page are discouraging news and not necessarily fact. What has happened to the Daily Paul. And that is not a question.

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Is there an appropriate place

to request that something be front paged?

Like say this?


Self edit


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because that's not where you request to front page stuff

as it says:

Still, comments aren't deleted, they're unpublished, because...mods can read unpublished content.

Regardless, I don't know of any thread to comment on to request front paging.

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Dear Jon ...

You and BMD seem like you know what is going on and you know what works and what doesn't.

I know you guys have to strike a balance between attractive headings and credibility.

And I know at least you two know that the DP has gone over the falls.

Do you guys have some influence?

Can you persuade Mr. Nystrom that he is being played by some of his mods?

Thank you for the work that you do here.

God Bless.

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Maybe send Michael a private email describing how he's being possibly played. He'll deal with it.

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Why would I do that?

My comment was not meant for Mr. Nystrom.

It was meant for Jon.

I prefer to exert in public. Not in private.

I think Mr. Nystrom has done a decent job, but I also think he needs public feedback from time to time from his members to push him in the right direction.



It has reverted back to what it was in mid 2007.

A bull horn for ...

Infowars (PrisonPlanet) ...

Conspiracy Nut Jobs ...

9/11 inside jobbers ...

Stormfront.com ...

And Chuck Baldwin disciples.

Some of the names have changed, but the thread topics haven't.

God Bless.

Add in NaturalNews too

Lots of appealing to nature logical fallacies and sensationalism being bullhorned (but I guess that is hand in hand with Infowars).

I thought about adding it but it would have been redundant.

That site is an Infowars spinoff and I am fairly certain that the guy that runs the site is an AJ acolyte.

Having said that ...

I think they put out some really good stuff sprinkled with shit.

Kind of like Infowars.