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A State-Sponsored Anti-Sikh 'Hate Crime' the Media Ignores

A State-Sponsored Anti-Sikh 'Hate Crime' the Media Ignores

Officer Ben Grant assaults innocent Sikh-American Kuldip Singh Nag, March, 2007

Posted by William Grigg on August 6, 2012 12:01 PM

Deranged ex-federal employee Michael Page, a former Army psy-ops specialist, committed what has been variously described as a “hate crime” and an act of “domestic terrorism” by murdering six people gathered for worship at a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Since the alleged murderer is dead, we can only speculate as to his motives (and those of his reported accomplices, as well).

There is little room for speculation, however, regarding to attitudes and motives of a uniformed assailant who severely beat an innocent and helpless Sikh in an incident that took place five years ago about 112 miles south of Oak Creek. The perpetrator's motive was to steal the victim's property, and it there was no ambiguity about the fact that he despised the victim on the basis of his perceived ethnicity.

Thankfully, the victim — Joliet, Illinois resident Kuldip Singh Nag — wasn't shot. However, he was pepper-sprayed and severely beaten on the morning of March 11, 2007 by a police officer named Ben Grant, who materialized on his doorstep to announce that he was going to tow away a van that was sitting immobile in Nag's driveway because the vehicle had an expired license tag.

When Nag objected to the impending auto theft, Grant attacked him, threw him to the ground, and beat him mercilessly in front of his horrified wife and children while befouling the air with obscene — and ignorant — racial invective: "You f*****g Arab! You f*****g immigrant, go back to your country before I kill you!"

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