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Johnson campaign hits Alaska, asks Bloggers for help

August 6, 2012. Anchorage. Presidential candidates don’t make it up to Alaska very often. Few voters, serious wilderness, 3 electoral votes and a history of voting Republican make it either a long-shot or a sure thing for candidates. But Alaska also has a fierce independent streak. And that’s why the Libertarian ticket has visited the state twice now. It’s part of Johnson’s apparent new strategy, along with unleashing the thousands of supportive blogs in America.

Bloggers and Alaskans have a number of qualities in common – a penchant to think for themselves, distrust of the government, skepticism of the national corporate media, and a history of voting independent in larger than normal numbers.

Johnson’s possible new strategy

Former two-term New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson knows he must participate in the upcoming nationally televised Presidential debates to have a chance at winning in November.


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