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Who Else Here Grew Up On Ren & Stimpy and George Liquor?

OK, OK... Not Ron Paul related, but an example of the free market in action and a great way to support your favorite lovable lunatic cartoons from John Kricfalusi and the maniacs at Spümco. A cool chance to support the creation of an original new cartoon and get some neat-o toys, depending on your donation level.

I'm not connected to John K. In any way, but I plan on donating to this unique Kickstarter project.


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Not me

I grew up on this

and this

...and a heaping helping of Loony-Tunes and Hanna-Barbera.

Is it any wonder I grew up to be a libertarian?

Update: He made his

Update: He made his Kickstarter goal!

That is mentally ill.


LOL! Proving that one cannot

LOL! Proving that one cannot be right in the head and work in cartoons. :D