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Cheney and a Sikh view of post 9/11 torture

Dick Cheney is no longer able to visit Canada. He is a convicted war criminal from the Court Case in Kuala Lumpur.
The Canadian authorities are obligated to arrest him if he did.
This also goes for Rumsfeld, Tony Blair and a few others.

Which other US Politician was not able to visit Canada, due to the threat of imprisonment?
Whatever happened to American values?

Cheney has just said he is skipping Tampa.
He KNOWS he would be a vote LOSER amongst Independents.
Obama could still use it by saying something like, Cheney is a corrupt warmongering chickenhawk coward who hasn't even got the guts to show his face in Tampa.
GW Bush has also said he will not be attending Tampa. He knows he is a vote loser too.

A Sikh view on Post 9/11 torture.
Where did American values go?

Another view on torturer Cheney. Cheney's torture hypocrisy.

Dick Cheney leaked the names of CIA agents and assets putting their lives at risk, via Scooter Libby, in order to smear someone who was politically inconvenient.
Is not this a traitorous action?

This was over the Niger Yellowcake scandal to try and turn public opinion for the Iraq invasion.
Iraq buying Niger Yellowcake was a blatant and provable lie.

Just like the lies that were put out by Cheney that Iraq had something to with 9/11 and Saddam was mixed up with Bin Laden.
Saddam and Bin Laden were ideological enemies. One was a secular nationalist and one wanted a Global Caliphate under Sharia law.

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Cheney just got his little organ replaced.

Let's just hope they gave him a bigger heart this time around.

The fact that the last Republican

president and Vice-President are skipping the Republican National Convention is proof that Neoconservatism is slipping in the GOP and that its heydays are over. The Bush administration was the highpoint of Neoconservatism. It is all down form here for them.