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Guess who is profiting most from Super Pacs?



Rolling Stone: "While TV stations are required by law to offer discounted airtime to politicians, Super PACs have to pay market rates... In essence, broadcasters are now profiteering from a vicious circle of corruption: Politicians are beholden to big donors because campaigns are so expensive, and campaigns are so expensive because they're fought through television ads. The more cash that chases limited airtime, the more the ads will cost, and the more politicians must lean on deep-pocketed patrons. In short, the dirtier the system, the better for the bottom line at TV stations and cable systems."

So it's people like Murdoch who owns Fox News and Bain Capital (and therefore Romney) who own Clearchannel who are profiting.
Companies like Disney.

The media and their pundits have a vested interest in portraying this election as a close race.
They will sell more ads at higher rates to SuperPacs, it will sell more papers, it will increase ratings. (Ratings for political shows would fall off a cliff if they said the outcome was already known.)

In reality it is already over if Romney is nominated.
Predicted outcome Obama 347 Romney 191.

US media ownership in detail.

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Interesting that After being

Interesting that After being elected, Obama said the internet was very instrumental in his campaign.

Bob Marshall

The MSM...

...of course.

Many pension/retirement funds are invested in these companies...

If more people put their money where their mouths are things would look and sound a lot different than they do.

Another reason to cut the

Another reason to cut the cable and recycle your TV... As if there weren't enough reasons already.

Two years sans TV for me.

Turn off the Old MSM

Tune into the new MSM


I am!

Rupert may own Fox

but according to the Sunlight Foundation he donates more to Democrats than Republicans.


more leftist

waste of time



Since when exposing corporatism is just leftist?

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Super PACs are formed by

Super PACs are formed by private donations. If the MSM are making money with their contributions and you guys are mad about that and praising a law that force TV media to take campaign ads by a cheaper rate, that is by definition leftism... DP is getting full of it lately.

"When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." Ben Franklin