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EXCLUSIVE: The Pentagon's Shocking Cover-Up Of The Afghan National Military Hospital Scandal (VIDEO)

Exclusive: The Pentagon's Shocking Cover-Up Of The Afghan National Military Hospital Scandal (VIDEO)

posted Aug 7, 2012 11:45am EDT
Michael Hastings
BuzzFeed Staff
Rebecca Elliott
BuzzFeed Staff

Top U.S. commanders in Afghanistan waged a sophisticated public relations campaign to obscure horrific conditions at the Afghan National Military Hospital, according to former U.S. military officials, Congressional investigators, and new photographic evidence obtained by BuzzFeed.

The revelation is just one of the new details uncovered in a probe that has already triggered two Department of Defense investigations and one hearing by the House's Government Oversight Committee.
BuzzFeed obtained more than 70 images and over 120 field reports and documents that further implicate the command of Gen. William Caldwell in the scandal.

At the time, Caldwell was in charge of NTM-A, or National Training Mission Afghanistan, the $11.2 billion a year program, which included the Dawood National Military Hospital.

While Afghan patients at the U.S. military's “crown jewel” medical facility in Kabul lived in horrific conditions, American and Afghan commanders pushed a relentless public relations campaign to make it look like a success. Warning: Extremely graphic content.

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I couldn't even get through the

whole article...the pictures turned my stomach, and I've seen plenty of graphic medical pics. Words can't describe...