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NEW Gary Johnson Ad: You ARE Libertarian

Beautiful ad released just two hours ago.

Two-term governor, Gary Johnson says the majority of Americans feel differently about war, marriage equality, drugs, the Patriot Act and the Federal Reserve than our elected officials do. If we the people can agree on the kind of America we want, why do we keep electing leaders who don't agree with us? When it comes to wanting more freedom, more peace and more prosperity, Gary Johnson agrees with you 100%.

Enjoy it brothers and sisters in Liberty:


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Ron represents most of my

Ron represents most of my views. I'm on record multiple times saying so. Gary represents more of my views, so I'll be voting for him. I've also said many times I believe Obama will be re-elected and at this point I still believe that. The country is in a terrible state right now and Obama is one hell of a good blamer. I don't think there is room in the minds of most Americans for more than two choices and the media is what it is.

I'll vote for Gary, you'll vote for Romney and the rest of America will elect Obama. At least he'll be a lame duck.

don't want no blood on my hands

"I'll vote for Gary, you'll vote for Romney and the rest of America will elect Obama."

And when the votes are all tabulated in the end, you will be the least likely to meet your maker with the blood of American soldiers and Iranian women and children on your hands.

Obama or Romney, Republican or Democrat - it doesn't matter which one wins - people are gonna die.

A vote for GJ is a default for Obama

The only ones with blood on their hands are the ones who willed it.

Maybe there but not here

"A vote for Gary Johnson is a default for Obama"

Not here it's not. In the Democrat stranglehold of Pennsylvanias southwestern counties Obama has a double digit lead over Romney in a head to head match-up. In my county (as of Thursday; 613 people polled) that double digit lead is 12 points head to head. With GJ included Obama's lead shrinks to 9 points in a 3 way. When a 4th choice "other" is included Obama gains a point to lead Romney by 10.

In 2008 Hillary Clinton whooped Obama 2:1 here, and McCain became the first Republican candidate in a century to win this county. Even Obama knows it had everything to do with race here where Democrats are "angry white people who cling to God and guns" and outnumber Republicans 4:1. But fortunately for Obama in 2012 this is bigtime Union country and he has had great success overcoming the race issue and winning their favor. Here he has much more support from his own party this time than he did in 2008. Did I mention Democrats in Pennsylvania are largely pro-gun? If Obama and Clinton ramp up their gun control agenda a pro-choice pro-gun candidate could/would syphon alot of votes from voters who dislike Obama but dislike Republicans even less.

Contrary to what you think Granger you don't know it all and you're not always right. And when you are, sometimes what is true for you in your state and/or district may not be true for others in other states and/or districts.

"The only ones with blood on their hands are the ones who willed it."

I suppose that might be true for those who don't knowingly empower men who have a will for war. You can deny that you know Obama and Romney will continue, if not escalate the spilling of blood all you want if that helps you sleep better at night. Don't let your conscience keep you awake. Sleep tight knowing the reason "Westerners" ie American citizens are being targeted by terrorists is to wake us up to the fact that we are the ones who, with our votes, aid and empower those who are murdering and torturing their people. We may not hold ourselves responsible. God may or may not hold us responsible. But out there somewhere in the world are people who hold YOU and ME and all of us responsible for the things our government does in our name. Imagine that.

"All options are on the table" -Mitt Romney, New Hampshire 2008 GOP debate.


Like your area in PN, it is true of my county in CA, Mendocino, where Hillary Democrats beat Obama (and we have 26 registered peace groups). Furthermore, I'm sure Hillary was winning CA, I don't believe there are enough black voters to make the difference, and since most gangs fights are between blacks and hispanics, I don't see the hispanic vote backing Obama. We also believe in guns here.

Knowing the Democrats on the local central committee, where there are 40 seats FULL of very active CLINTON Democrats, no Obama Democrats, I have come to the conclusion that Hillary backed down from being president, KNOWING she had the power of the seated committees behind her, and prepared to deliver her agenda, not Obama's.

Ron Paul asked us to get seated on GOP committees. Why? Maybe Ron Paul also sees that these committees are where the power of the people are? And that being president is not good enough if the president, like Obama, does not have the seats backing him?

ALL Ron Paul Republicans are pro peace. We are seated to back Ron Paul, not Romney. We can do to Romney what Hillary did to Obama. In other words:

Obama campaigned for peace
Hillary compaign for war.
We got more war.
Because Hillary has the seats, Obama does not.

Romney runs on all options.
Ron Paul runs for peace.
Under Romney we should get peace
Because Ron Paul has the seats... Romney has a divided GOP with Neocons getting out as there is no new blood for them coming in to repalce and back them. The new blood is Ron Paul Republicans fighting and taking those seats.

Rand Paul and Ron paul will be speaking at the RNC, THAT gives us credibility, we are a recognized force now. Neocons didn't want Romney, they wanted Newt, or Perry, Santorum. Tea Party wanted Bachman.

Mitt says ALL options are on the table... that includes PEACE.

What bothers me about your perspective is you completely neglect and disrespect the effort and work Ron Paul Republicans have done to take those seats. You have not studied what they are, you have little interest being a Libertarian anyways.

Maybe one day you will tire of the LP giving you Republicans to vote for in an election? GJ will return to the GOP and leave you with your self righteous, better than everyone else, conscience.

Ron Paul Republicans are in this for more than an election. We are not confused about our goals. We understand we might lose a few battles before winning a war for peace. We are united knowing WE ARE THE FUTURE.

I would prefer you join us, but politics are not for everyone.

I don't know it all, I share my experiences, willing to be wrong so I can be corrected. I am not ready to party in the name of Ron Paul. We have a lot of work to do. Apparently GJ believes that from you. Congratulations, have a great time in Ron Paul's name!


Does California allow felons to run for office and serve on committees? If so, how are those people with a felony record able to pass the national security background check to enter the RNC convention hall? Felons can vote in Pennsylvania but not allowed ballot access to run for public office (delegates are elected by voters) or serve on committees or juries. According to you the only "real" Ron Paul supporters are the ones who managed to become a delegate or win committee seat. You disrespect those who are forbidden by law to make that contribution; but compensated that inability with other contributions, such as fundraising, traveling to the early states, phone banking til their throats were sore, canvassing to blisters in Iowa sun, soaked to the bone in NH, spit on, ridiculed, intimidated by neo-cons in the South, labored hundreds/thousands of hours and dollars on spreading his name and message via video productions, music productions, media projects to get around the blackout, etc. etc. etc.

People who really poured it on and gave all where they could.

As you (and your ilk) repeatedly demonstrate with your comments here during the past 2months, they just as well did nothing. As none of it counts for anything if you're not a delegate or committee-person. It's all just so much shit compared to all you've done queen bee. Even though you just as easily could've found yourself in the same boat. Then you'd know whats up when all the "real" Ron Paul Republicans on the Daily Paul talk down at you the same way neo-cons talk down at you - which is exactly what many of you have been doing the past few months. It's having a similar effect for Gary Johnson today as the effect pajamasmedia had for Ron Paul in 2007-08.

Nothing you could say or do would dissuade me from supporting Ron Paul's Republican run for the White House to the end of the line. But eventually you're gonna be asking bastard* supporters like me to support Rand Paul.

*those who love Ron Paul but don't meet the GOP loyalty criteria to be considered a "real" Ron Paul supporter. Hence "bastard supporter".

Ron Paul didn't ask us to only get seated on GOP committees.

"Before the war in the Middle East spreads and becomes a world conflict, for which we’ll be held responsible, or the liberties of all Americans become so suppressed we can no longer resist, much has to be done. Time is short but our course of action should be clear. Resistance to illegal and unconstitutional usurpation of our rights is required. Each of us must choose which course of action we should take—education, conventional political action, or even peaceful civil disobedience, to bring about the necessary changes.

But let it not be said that we did nothing." -Ron Paul, June 6, 2007

Getting seated on GOP committees would fall under the category "conventional political action". That is the course you chose to pursue. Don't use it as a excuse and pedestal to chit on people who follow other courses of action.


http://www.gilroydispatch.com/news/city_local_government/cou... In they can hold office

As for the other courses of "action", been there done that.

Have a nice posting day.

Whose blood? Romney will

Whose blood? Romney will continue the wasteful wars, same as Obama... or are you referring to abortions? The abortion laws won't change under Obama or Romney. Status quo.

Romney has to deal with Ron Paul Republicans

Obama doesn't, that is the difference. Ron Paul Republicans will move to stop Romney's blood letting. Obama has no one to stop him as Clinton has control of the party, Obama is just a pretty face.

I believe you are incorrect

I believe I may wind up voting for Ron Paul, afterall he's still in this game to win.


You seem undecided.

Not undecided

It's being bound to keep my committee seat which I have to openly support the nominee. Romney is offically listed as THE GOP Nominee on the CA Sec of State web page. I keep my Ron Paul rEVOLution bumper sticker up because it does not say "president".


250,000 of you escaped the American police state coming to the GTA Greater Toronto Area...

The machine has to be defeated in America.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


So this is how you plan to emancipate Americans from Toronto?



"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Gary who?

Gary who?

I don't support Fraud Johnson

I don't support Fraud Johnson at all, but it's a good idea for an advertisement. I would agree that most Americans really are libertarians but since everything in the media is a dichotomy between conservative/liberal or Republican/Demofat, they get confused and misled.

Still, upvoted.

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
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I don't accept your "fraud"

I don't accept your "fraud" label. Gary Johnson is pretty straightforward and has a career built on being a no-nonsense guy. Ron has enjoyed a similar reputation for a long period of time.

Where's the war, folks?

Romney voters

Thank you for showing your colors.

Your down-votes give me more energy to continue my good fight against evil.

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


one more down vote and this troll goes away.

bump down please

if by chance, u get here and LL comments are all ready collapsed, please UNcollapse and vote down for fun!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Childish Name Calling?

Why don't you get off your high horse and actually listen to the people posting on why they have a problem with Gary Johnson posts. Many Ron Paul supporters (myself included) simply don't trust and don't like Gary Johnson.

And by not voting for

And by not voting for Johnson, you're not only wasting your vote (by not using it) but also telling the people in the big parties that libertarianism doesn't matter. If GJ has a successful 3rd party run, the GOP will be a lot more friendly come 2016.

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Regarding the second part of

Regarding the second part of your post, I could understand that and I attribute it to unfamiliarity. If I'm wrong about this, please explain why you or others don't trust Gary Johnson for my edification. I'm voting for Johnson no matter what, but I'd like to see why Gary (despite the message of any imperfect messengers) should be feared, instead of supported.

reedr3v's picture

That's the equivalent of empty name-calling, LL.

You should know better and stop bashing good Liberty warriors because you disagree on strategy.
The Johnson ad team is one many RP supporters wish we had. If GJ supporters are smart, they wish their candidate had the strength of ours.

my friend

these are nwo operatives we we call them romney pigs.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

That's not nice

Talk about true colors.


you tell em patriot!!!!


freakin tard.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016


Legalize, Stop hiding behind Romney voters, Romney voters do not even know about Gary Johnson.

I am A Paul supporter and have been here for 5 years, and I vote down GJ stuff, I dont trust him, and I think he is a distraction from Ron Paul, and a tool to divide his support.

Divide his support? Huh? GJ

Divide his support? Huh? GJ IS a Ron Paul supporter! Also, how could he be dividing Ron's support if they aren't competing against one another? Ron was not running for POTUS this year, he was running for Republican nominee for POTUS and planned to do that afterwards if his campaign was successful. GJ quickly withdrew and let RP's vote be unified. Now RP is not contesting the POTUS general election, so GJ is the only choice, so once more the vote can be unified. It's not him that's trying to divide this movement, it's you, wasting your valuable votes by abstaining from the election and protesting outside, writing in Ron Paul, writing in the US Constitution, writing in We The People, submitting blank ballot papers, drawing pictures of Ron on your ballot papers, drawing crosses through the Star of David on your ballot papers and pouring anthrax spores on your ballot papers and hundreds of other idiotic strategies that will get us nowhere.

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i don't get it

"I think he is a distraction from Ron Paul, and a tool to divide his support."
so i can't support Johnson and paul at the same time because it somehow divides his support. i've also heard that if i support both it hurts ron pauls delegates. can anyone explain any of that to me a little better?

i'm not really interested in being part of a ron paul collectivist cult of personality but rather a liberty movement inspired by and held to the standards of ron paul. liberty candidates are the future. we will be continuously vetting (Rand) most of them here on dp. few if any will live up to all the standards embodied in ron paul. we must continue to teach them and work with them until we achieve a peaceful voluntarist based society.
no question gary johnson needs to stop climbing mountains and stuff and sit down and focus on political philosophy a bit more. he is "running" for president after all.

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