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Please help me find a certain video

Hi All,

I saw a video in the dwindling hours of last night that was pretty awesome. It was a guy in Texas wearing a orange shirt that said "F**K something something something, I'm from Texas" and the whole point of the video was that people shouldn't blame us Ron Paul people when Obama wins because we were never going to vote for someone other than Dr. Paul in the first place. He goes on to ponder the idea of Rand being nominated VP for Mitt. The entire video is basically one dude talking to the camera outside in front of a building, perhaps a state house. If anyone knows this video please hook me up.

Thank you to best community on earth.

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Thank you!

Thank you!

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Here ya go!

Obama Will Win, and It's RON PAUL'S FAULT!!!


If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

Thank You!

Thank You!