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Popcorn ingredient found to be linked with Alzheimers

Popcorn ingredient found to be linked with Alzheimers

Published August 08, 2012FoxNews.com

Movie popcorn has often been criticized for its high calorie count, but now the tasty treat may harm more than just your waistline.

A recent study has found that diacetyl, an ingredient in popcorn responsible for its buttery flavor and smell, may be linked to Alzheimer’s disease, UPI.com reported.

The scientists said they focused on the substance, because it has already been associated with respiratory and other health issues in workers at microwave popcorn and food-flavoring factories. According to UPI.com, diacetyl is used in other products such as margarines, snacks and candies, baked goods and in some beers and chardonnay wine.

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August 3, 20120

MINNEAPOLIS—Past studies have shown that inhalation of diacetyl by workers in factories processing microwave popcorn can potentially lead to respiratory problems, with some developing bronchiolitis obliterans, resulting in recommendations for such workers to wear respiratory protection. Now new research from the University of Minnesota has found possible links between exposure to diacetyl and Alzheimer’s disease (“The Butter Flavorant, Diacetyl, Exacerbates β-Amyloid Cytotoxicity,” Aug. 2012, Chemical Research in Toxicology).

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I just ate my first

tablespoon full this morning. Moments later erotic thoughts entered my brain. Fast acting, lol

Coconut oil & Alzheimer's - Yes, amazing!

Thanks for sharing this link - now shared with others.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Yes! I put it on everything

yummy for the tummy....lol

Now this is why

I only eat the unpopped ones at the bottom of the tub.

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

Yeah so

tell me what is in a mcdonald's hamburger/cheeseburger? Anyone know? I am certain that is not real food.....What the hell is it? I think it is dog food with sawdust to make it stick together.. Gov allows a certain percent of sawdust to be put into food under the name of cellulose....cellulose is sawdust....gag me.
Anyone know what's in a mickey d's hambuger? The nuggets are made from chicken fat only and cellulose....spiced to the hilt to hide the foulness of it...... feel bad after eating that dog food? Dogs eat better than that. Gov owned Mickey D's. Just say no. Just go without......
cook at home and reheat..

Keepin' it real.

"government allows"?Right,

"government allows"?

Right, because if it weren't for the government, there'd be no sawdust in the food.

Fact of the matter is that if it tastes good, people will stuff anything short of actual posion into their mouths. McDonald's will always make food the cheapest it can make it without sacrificing taste (which usually doesn't happen). The government interfering in that will always be a violation of the free market. For good or for bad.

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I feel sick

Just thinking of seeing those peeps today eating that mickey d's dog swill. it's not meat....

Keepin' it real.

I feel sick

Just thinking of seeing those peeps today eating that mickey d's dog swill. it's not meat....

Keepin' it real.

An Alzheimers Victim Told me Once He Couldn't Remember The last

time he ate popcorn...

lol...just joking

bigmikedude's picture

I forgot I read this post

already earlier.

It is also naturally occuring in Chardonnay

Check out what Larry the Wine Guy has to say about diacetyl in wine.

"Chardonnay contains a lot of Malic Acid. The wine during fermentation is innoculated with a bacteria that converts that Malic Acid into Lactic Acid. The compound created from this process is called “Diacetyl”. Diacetyl just by coincidence also happens to be the ingredient you smell when the movie theater door is opened in the lobby or in many Artifically Flavored Buttered Popcorn products. ......."

So why didn't they include in the "Breaking News" that it is also the same ingredient found in oaky Chardonnay and that Chardonnay drinkers are at risk too?


(Scroll about half way down.)

Factory Food

I try to live by the rule that the less time my food has spent in a factory the better it is. Factory processed food can have government regulated acceptable levels of insect parts, rodent hairs, droppings, etc. I feel in most cases a better job of preparing food can be accomplished at home.

You had me worried for a minute,

but it's only movie popcorn, so I can still use my non-gmo popcorn at home cooked in olive oil.

Nope. It is wine ...


Of course!

Be careful! Read the ingredients on everything you put into your stomach..

Fake butter flavor in toxic vegetable oils

Vegetable oils are low in omega-3 oils needed to prevent Alzheimers.

Alzheimers has been called diabetes of the brain. Omega-3 fats are needed to create insulin receptors the brain cells need to use insulin and glucose.

Free includes debt-free!

I wonder if naturally occuring diacetyl vs man made...

...makes a difference in health effects?

It is the same chemical

There is no difference between natural or synthetic. Organisms make chemicals the same way as a scientist in a laboratory- through a series of chemical reactions.

This is the most common science misunderstanding I see in health forums. When talking about molecules there is no such thing as natural. If one strictly analyzes an isolated product, in this case diacetyl, the mechanism for producing it doesn't matter. If you introduce a chemical into our system ourin enzymes do not care about the source. Nature is not prejudiced and superstious like humans. (i.e. I like peanut butter and jelly sandwhichs made peanut then jelly and hate jelly than peanut butter. It is the same final sandwhich.)

Man made products often have toxic byproducts

In natural yeast fermentation the diacetyl is the byproduct.

So it depends on the impurities as to which is better.

Free includes debt-free!

Diacetyl is a fermentation

flaw in the brewing process. Inadequate aeration, or long lag times due to weak yeast are just 2 reasons. Another would be the temp of the wort (what beer is called prior to fermentation) and the optimal temp each strain of yeast performs best at.

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And avoiding the GM corn would help too


and the high fructose corn syrup


True! I wonder if they bothered to study whether the ill...

..health effects came from the diacetyl or really the GM corn? I bet they didn't want to throw that into the mix.


is it a chemical reaction with the microwavable bag lining?

Diacetyl workers lungs were destroyed.


Free includes debt-free!