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Kurt Bills' opponent David Carlson promotes the liberal Daily Kos on Facebook.

As if it wasn't enough to release a despicable ad trying to paint Dr. Paul as a racist. Kurt Bills' primary opponent is going to new lengths to prove to all the RINOs in Minnesota that he's not only against Ron Paul and libertarians, but, Conservatism as well. On his Facebook page, he's touting an article written from the radical, Leftist, Progressive blog The Daily Kos, praising him for attacking Ron Paul. Take a look:


I could see if that were coming from a Republican blog like Redstate, but, for a Republican candidate to link an article favorable to him from the Daily Kos is enough to turn every Bachmann supporter in Minnesota into a Kurt Bills supporter.

Folks, this is the kind of crap we're going to continue to put up with month after month, year after year from bleeding heart Progressives from both parties. People who believe the government is the answer to all our problems, be it racism, drugs, arrogant foreign dictators, or poverty. There is only ONE way to carry Ron Paul's message in the face of this kind of hatred, deceit, and outright ignorance. - W I N ! ! !

Let's show this Carlson punk what happens to greenhorn, Neocon wannabes who mess with Ron Paul. Let's fill Bills' coffers ladies and gentlemen.


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comments disabled on his

comments disabled on his facebook page. He is very upset that people disagree with him. He makes these assertions (bold faced lies) against Ron Paul and then demands his critics disprove them. It is impossible to describe how intensely I despise people like Carlson.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

We should make a despicable ad about David Carlson's

love for DailyKos. He called their article about him "a stellar analysis". By his own logic, he must also agree with everything about DailyKos.