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My email to David Carlson over despicable campaign ad attacking Ron Paul and the entire Liberty Movement!

He went to far and I had to express my concern. His Facebook has been censored so I sent him a e-mail.

If you have not seen the video you can see it here

Here is my email

Hi David,

Just another patriot here wanting to let you in on the truth!

You should issue a formal apology for your horrible ad!

The ad is despicable and you should know better!

Hundreds are arranging protest and a national movement to fund your opponent has begun.

You call yourself an American?

No you are a Warmongering Neocon Liar...

I am getting angry now so I will go before I really tell you how I feel.

Please feel free to respond.


Let me know what you think!

If you are outraged please send him a friendly email.




And to make sure he never gets into office please donate to Bills here. https://kurtbills.com/donate/power-the-campaign/

Thank you fellow patriots for your time and effort!

The r3V0Lution will NEVER die!

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The subject matter in the ad

The subject matter in the ad isn't funny and the outright lies aren't either. But knowing how outrageous a smear they attempted makes me realize how badly they want Dr. Paul to go away. It's so outrageous, it's almost funny. I mean how much further can you go with a lie? Millions support Dr. Paul and know he isn't what Carlson says. I don't even think this attempt will hurt Dr. Paul; there are too many people who know the truth. If anything, the lies are going to hurt this guy and Romney. It does nothing more than pique peoples' interest. I mean why would Ron Paul be doing so well if he were a Nazi and hated blacks? Come on! This was really a sad attempt to smear Dr. Paul's reputation and it won't work. If people are so stupid to not do their homework and believe anything related to Romney, then they're pathetic. This ad doesn't even make me mad. They are desperate.

Expressing your disagreement

Expressing your disagreement to him probably wont change his mind. Theres probably no turning back for him after seeing his gleeful face in every picture of him with war criminals like McCain. One can only imagine how much he enjoyed murdering endless innocent people in far away lands. Supportive messages to liberty activists are much more valuable.

Here's my message to his facebook page

Mr. Carlson,
I must say, I admire your courage in the face of such an affliction which you must bear. While we are both aware the Fecalencephalitis to which you are suffering from is an incurable illness, it has been found to respond to a few treatments. The most effective on record is for the patient to thoroughly submerge his head in a toilet and flush three times in rapid succession while violently shaking his head. This will assist in removing the vile discharges which as you have demonstrated are prone to emit from the patients cranial orifices particularly the oral orifice. Another treatment , and one most are unable to perform, is to take one of those minty wafers you find in the urinals of sport locker rooms and deposit it in your mouth untill gone. While the logistics of fitting such a large wafer in the mouth are overwhelming to most you have clearly demonstrated that you have the ability to attempt this treatment. I hope you have luck with at least one of these treatments and good luck to you in your endeavor.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.



That was entertaining...

Could spend all day reading how everyone is trashing him. He's toast!


Yeah If he would not have censored his facebook I would not have gotten anything done today! I could read those comments for hours!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Sorry 2012, but the up-arrow only works once!




To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

He must be getting bombarded!

Here is his current twitter post:

David J. Carlson ‏@davidcarlsonUSA

If the Ron Paul nation is so angry with me, have @KurtBills stick it to me on @tptAlmanac & put me in my place #LIBERTY #FREEDOM #DEMOCRACY

He stopped allowing posts to

He stopped allowing posts to his facebook page...there are still hundreds of lovely comments to read!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Why Didn't you Rebute the statements...

It is a subjective interpretation of State Vs Federal Government. I believe I speak for all supporters to say that we DO need a Federal Government...But the size and it's role is debatable.

No, Ron Paul would not endorse slavery, segregation, etc.

My favorite was "ron paul even stated that saving the Jews was none of our business"...Um, Over the top and out of context. His policies are pretty public, appeasement and defence of our homeland, not inject ourselves into other countries (IRAN, SYRIA, IRAQ)

What's next...OH..."And that Adolf Hitler was initially a positive force for Germany"...well I'm no historian, but when you take a bankrupt, famined country to one of the most economically sound, and prosperous countries in the world, I'd say that was a positive force for Germany. KEY WORD: INITIALLY!!!

The whole MLK Gay Pedophile...I have absolutely no idea where that came from, and if it didn't come from RON PAUL...That is SLANDER.

This add has done nothing but awaken an angry giant.

I THANK YOU for giving us a reason to REUNITE after all that has happened over the past few months. You just personally attacked the THOMAS JEFFERSON of our time.

And for that, we thank you!

For Liberty!

Viva la R3VOLution!!!


we do need a Federal Government?

All they've ever done is to steal from me and lie to me. This isn't a government but an Empire.

50 independent states would work much better. Closer to home.

Live Free Or Die


I don't know, maybe to enforce nationally our constitutional rights? Should individual states decide if segregation is okay? Racism, Women's rights, this should be an obvious answer but if it isn't for you, then I'm not sure there is anything I can say to change your point of view.

Yes, we DO need a limited federal government. The UNION won the civil war, not the South. However the limitations of government have been blatantly abused and overstepped.

Should a federal government tell us what we can consume, what we do to our bodies, what religious views we should have, if we can allow abortions, define marriage, override state laws that do not conflict with the constitution...NO!!

Should the federal government have the power to enforce constitutional law should a state go rogue? YES

If we have NO federal government, we do not have a UNITED STATES of AMERICA, we have 50 small countries that "used" to be united.

Again, I emphasize LIMITED GOVERNMENT, not the abolishment of the Federal Government.

For Liberty!

Viva la R3VOLution!!!

OK, now I'm mad!

Just sent him more money after getting Ron's email and looking at the ad Carlson put out.
He must be the worst terrorist and traitor to our constitution and country ever. He's despicable. Needs to be sued for slander for the lies he has on film. He's trying to demean his competition by association with Ron Paul!!! He isn't fit to shine the shoes of Ron. That decision to slander Ron was not a good decision, as he will find out soon!
Send Bills money.
Let 'them' know not to mess with us, Ron or any Liberty person running for office. It doesn't pay to tick us off!!


Thanks for the support!

Thanks for the support!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!