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Kerry Wins! A real Ron Paul Candidate for the House ! Let's hear it for Kerry!

From Our state coordinator Adam DeAngelis

The sheer magnitude alone is remarkable: a two-to-one landslide victory, following a poll released by EPIC-MRA days earlier suggesting Kerry would lose altogether. 

Perhaps it was a vastly superior Election Day ground game on the part of volunteers for Kerry like many of you.  Perhaps it was the influence of supportive PACs (surely backed by grassroots, issue-oriented people like you) who changed people's minds.  Perhaps the poll's methodology was flawed.  I suspect it was all three. 

At any rate, the implications of Kerry Bentivolio's victory can hardly be over-stated.

Kerry's victory was a victory for all of us. 

It was a victory for the liberty movement spearheaded by Dr. Paul, as Kerry is with Dr. Paul on every issue I'm aware of.

It was a victory for the conservative movement, as Kerry was backed by grassroots conservatives throughout the district, including local Republican clubs and Tea Party groups, as well as larger organizations like Gun Owners of America, Right to Life, and Freedomworks--all of whom endorsed Kerry. 

It was a victory for the politicians who put their good name on the line for Kerry--Senator Rand Paul, Congressman Amash, and of course, Congressman Paul. 

But above all, it was a victory for us.

Consider what Kerry's opponent and her establishment backers must have been thinking to run a write-in campaign against him. 

They thought we were weak. They thought we were dumb.  They thought they could crush us.

Instead, we built coalitions, won endorsements, put a substantial amount of our own money into the race, and demonstrated a vastly superior ground game on Election Day with an army of volunteers. 

It was a rout. 

Think of the message this sent the political establishment.

At the precinct I was working when the polls closed, the volunteer for Kerry's opponent was the mayor of Novi.  At another polling place, it was a city council member. 

The establishment are slow learners.  They think they can assimilate us.  They think we will go away. 

But every time, every year, we come back with more experience, more seasoned veterans, and more new patriots. 

They will continue being proven wrong until they learn, or lose.

Eventually, I think they will figure it out: we aren't going away. 

Eventually, they will fear and respect us. 

I think the number of precinct delegates we elected last night--and we're still working to figure out just how many we've got--will shake them up.

And just look at the recent vote for the Federal Reserve Transparency Act.

The bottom line is, yesterday was a tremendous triumph for us and for our movement. 

I know some of you were involved in some other races where the results weren't what you hoped. 

But remember: win or lose, just by making the fight, you push the opposition in our direction.

In one district, a candidate hoping to un-seat an incumbent didn't win.  But the incumbent had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to survive his primary, and now must spend even more re-building his base.  That is tremendous pain.

In another race, a candidate survived being taken to task on his questionable record.  But again--tremendous amounts were and will be spent, enough to make him regret his past votes.

In total, we have nothing to be sorry about, and every reason to be encouraged moving forward. 

Thanks again for all that you do for Liberty.

Onward and upward,

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We now have four solid liberty candidates that I'm aware of...

Kerry Bentivolio, Kurt Bills, Thomas Massie, and Robyn Hamlin. Kurt Haskell and Mark Clayton are two democrats I'm pretty sure that we should be getting behind as well. Anyone know of any other candidates that deserve our support?

More on Kerry's views


This is a solid GOP district as Kerry received more votes than both Democratic opponents combined.

However, the Dems are looking to spend money on this race because Kerry is a political novice.

Please check out Kerry's views in the link above and consider making a donation to his campaign here:

Awesome news!!!

March onward!

He is the true Ron Paul

Liberty candidate!

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.