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Meltdown The Men Who Crashed The World - Video

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watching this complete series, I have to say that this is an attack on Capitalism. I get the hunch that it was funded by socialist minded progressives. They never talk about the fixed NAFTA "agreements" or the illegal immigration strain or the Federal Reserve. All they keep alluding to is that the goverment should control and distribute wealth and how "safety nets" are needed.

No talk of competing currencies or defining the word Republic. Everything discussed was about more regulation, except no regulation on the Fed or regulation on starting wars or torture.

Not my kind of truth. Thanks for uploading though



A lot of wrong headed thinking by all parties.

When Congress was looking for the wrongdoers, they should have brought in mirrors. Congress bailed out the banks etc. Congress approved the huge bonuses in 1913. Federal Reserve members get 6% on their paid in Reserves per year after expenses, tax free by law. Executive compensation is one such expense.

Whose fault is it that our Congress critters are bought and paid for by K street. Hold on while I look in my mirror.

The SEC and the FDIC were not asleep at the switch, they performed as designed. The SEC stifled competition. The FDIC socialized the losses incurred by reckless bankers.

Why does Congress protect Federal Reserve Members. Because the US Treasury gets all profits above 6% as a franchise tax. Competition interferes with government revenues and leaves consumers with inefficient businesses.

If only Bernie Maddoff had become a Reserve Member he could have gotten away his Ponzi scheme just like the other members did.

Just like Congress gets away with its Social Security Ponzi scheme.

When the Queen asked her question, Why didn't anyone see this coming. I thought about Peter Schiff, Mike Maloney and of course, Ron Paul and the crew over at Mises.org.

I thought about Rep Lindbergh who saw this coming in 1913. Of Rep McFadden who filed charges in Congress against the Federal Reserve in 1932.

Iceland's mistake was not selling their National Bank, but having a National Bank in the first place.

Governments are drawn in with the promise of revenues but when the paper house gets rained on the people get stuck with the bill.

Government can only promise as much as they can loot from the people. Sometimes governments colludes with business to create an imaginary prosperity where people volunteer their loot. Or even better when people feel prosperous enough to mortgage their children's incomes for trifles and goodies today.

All of these problems would have been reduced if governments enforced property rights. But many of the foreclosures are tax foreclosures on individuals that owned their houses but their property taxes were delinquent. The government steals the house and sells it for back taxes.

Government ought to prosecute itself for violating property rights.

Government isn't the solution it IS the problem.

Oh, for the good old days of bank runs. Insolvent banks could be driven out of business by their solvent competitors. If the solvent banks gouge their customers then the free market allows competitors to step in and grab some of that cash flow.

In our regulated system insolvent banks bail each other out and if that fails then our insolvent government bails them out. Does that sound like prosperity is just around the corner or a financial cliff?

This documentary could use the Mystery Science 2000 treatment. So much of the commentary by media and government clowns deserved rich and varied comedic rhetoric.

Still it is interesting to see the BBC/CBC spin. Crisis, Reaction, Solution. More regulations. SSDD.

Free includes debt-free!

I'll take a look

but no "men" crashed the world, it was the Federal Reserve as the holder of the world reserve currency and it's bad monetary policy starting as far back as the founding of the Fed but mostly from the 70's on. 100 years of foolishness.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

they explain that alittle but

they explain that alittle but it take some men also to have a domino effect. I agree it all started with the fed though

Thanks for posting this





;-)) Had 2 stop watching when they showed Maxine Waters in a good light???
Was it made by Aljazera??? That may be problem 4 some?

Every man, wherever he goes, is encompassed by a cloud of comforting convictions,
which move with him like flies on a summer day.

Please read: The Creature From Jekyll Island. Freedom ain't Free! It takes Diligence.

Please read: The Road To Serfdom
By F. A. Hayek
Opened my eyes! They count on us being Dumbasses.

This looks

good. Thank you. I will watch in a few minutes

Your Welcome, its long but

Your Welcome, its long but good Enjoy